Jessica Shirvington On The Love Triangle In Her Paranormal YA Embrace — With Giveaway!

This month Jessica Shirvington’s paranormal YA Embrace captivated our imaginations (and was rated an RT Top Pick!). We were spellbound by the story’s tough heroine, Violet, who has just learned that she is a fallen angel hunter. But two amazing guys are making Violet question her new job. There’s Lincoln, who she’s loved forever and is supposed to be her partner. And then there’s Phoenix, an exiled angel who is defying all of Violet’s expectations. Between two guys and two futures — which will she pick? We certainly couldn’t decide which guy we preferred, so we asked author Jessica to weigh in on Violet’s tough decision. And after her message find out how you can win your own copy of Embrace!

I’m a complete sucker for tumultuous love stories. As a reader, connection to the characters is the key to a successful story. If I can’t connect with them, feel for them, and go on an emotional rollercoaster ride with them; I quickly lose interest. As a writer, I feel the same way. When I started to write Embrace I knew I wanted my heroine, Violet, to face the big emotional questions and be torn between difficult choices as well, so that meant I needed to put her heart and soul on the line.

At seventeen, Violet Eden has already been through a lot. Growing up without a mother and enduring a loving-but-remote relationship with a father who hides behind his career has left her isolated. After having been assaulted by a person in authority, she has had to survive the aftermath — uproot her life, change school, ensure the never-ending questions and start again.

In her search for strength and in her refusal to be the “victim,” Violet established a set of simple rules. She won’t run from anything and she does not quit. So she enrolled in a self-defense class, and met Lincoln.

Violet’s attraction to twenty-two year old Lincoln is instant; he takes her breath away. Two years later, they are inseparable friends. He is nurturing, thoughtful, and most of all he makes her strong. He teaches her kickboxing, takes her rock climbing, they run together — and all the while, he expects more of her and she loves that. Most of all she trusts him implicitly.

On her birthday — with some sneaky maneuvering from best friend Steph — Vi and Lincoln finally share an incredibly passionate kiss that goes beyond anything she could have imagined, until Lincoln breaks away from her and disappears. When Violet discovers why, it breaks her heart. Because not only does it mean her life will never be the same again, it means that for the last two years, everything between her and Lincoln had been a lie.

When Phoenix appears, Violet is torn between her fascination for him and her instincts, which tell her to take flight. But Phoenix is not easily avoided. An exiled angel on earth for hundreds of years, Phoenix is not one to be denied anything he wants. Ever. And since he first spotted Violet, he has every intention of being in her life.

Phoenix doesn’t hide who he is and challenges Violet to embrace who she is, too. He invokes emotions in her that both surprise and lure her in ways she has never experienced. Even though Violet knows he is trouble, it seems when there is no one left to turn to, he is there to help and support her, and eventually she is unable to ignore the pull.

Violet — feeling so betrayed by Lincoln and struggling to process the massive choices that lay ahead of her — begins to think that Phoenix might be exactly what she needs, and yet … she still can’t stop thinking about Lincoln.

Embrace is a story about choice. Violet’s destiny has been laid before her and she must decide if she is going to become one of the Grigori, a human-angel warrior that defends humanity against the vengeance of exiled angels on earth. But also, it is the story of young love, about being torn between heart and mind, between right and wrong, anger and forgiveness, love and lust, between Lincoln and Phoenix — and she must choose between them all.

- Jessica Shirvington

If you are dying to know which guy — and future — Violet picks, you can pick up your own copy of Embrace in stores now. Or leave a comment below to enter to win this new release! For more genre news, reviews and other great giveaways, stop by RT’s Everything Young Adult Page!

GIVEAWAY ALERT: Three lucky readers will each win their own copy of Embrace by Jessica Shirvington. To enter, leave a comment below telling us which guy you’d choose, the strong and silent Lincoln or the dangerous and dark Phoenix? You can also email your comment here with the subject line “Embrace Giveaway.” U.S. mailing addresses only please. The winners will be announced on March 20.

BLOG UPDATE 2/26/2012: The winners are derna4u, clogan and Audra Holtwick.