Author Jill Shalvis shares her philosophy on torturing heroes and why her latest hero just might be in over his head ...

There’s nothing more wildly sexy and appealing than a guy willing to put life and limb on the line for what he believes in, someone so used to doing whatever it takes to keep his family together for instance, that they don’t realize that they themselves need saving.

This was TJ Wilder, the oldest of three brothers, a guy who is the rock of his family. Not to mention a barely reformed badboy.

I love torturing my heroes with love. Not sure what that says about me, but there’s something about a watching a big bad alpha male suffer before getting his happily ever after. Instant Temptation begins with TJ Wilder wondering what the hell he’s ever done to the petite, sexy Harley to make her so on edge around him. Harley knows exactly why, and she’s not sharing. Once upon a time, TJ was a walk on the wild side, and doesn’t have a problem with that. But he’s changed now. Mellowed. Matured. She knows it, but she’s not ready to soften towards him because she’s got a little problem. A crush she’s been nurturing for years. Bottom line, she doesn’t trust herself around him.

When she needs to take a trek into the dangerous Desolation Wilderness, TJ assigns himself as her guide. Problem – having the big, far too gorgeous, capable, sharp TJ around for several days – and nights! Definitely asking for trouble. Trouble, and a crazy sexual heat neither can seem to resist to save their lives ...

TJ doesn’t have a problem with what’s happening between them. He might be a little slow when it comes to making a commitment with his heart, but he knows a good thing when it hits him. Harley, however, isn’t as easy to convince. She’s known TJ for a long time, and he’s very important to her. Too important to lose.

But risking when it comes to love is what it’s all about, and before their story is over, each will have to risk far more than they bargained for, including their hearts and souls.

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Happy Reading!
- Jill Shalvis