J.K. Rowling To Launch Interactive Harry Potter-Themed Website Pottermore

Bestselling author J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series is growing in an all-new way with the launch of the interactive website Pottermore.com.

The author announced that the Pottermore will have a soft-launch on July 31 of this year (fitting, as it is the title character’s birthday, the date that started it all) and then be open to all browsers this coming October. The site will take fans through the world of the series, starting with Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, and continuing all the way through to the final book. As readers make their way along the new digital landscape of the popular series they will find out more about their favorite Potter characters and world. For the project Rowling has put together over 18,000 new words worth of backstories and details fans will stumble on as they explore the site. 

Pottermore also includes interactive moments, such as being able to pick out their very own wand, being sorted into one of the Hogwart’s House, and even learn how to cast spells and more in classes!

When the site officially launches in October, it will also give readers the way to buy exclusive e-book versions of the stories, which have been unavailable until this time. Additionally, Pottermore will also include a variety of ways that users can add their own content, such as stories and illustrations. 

To learn more about the launch of Pottermore you can watch this video announcement from J.K. Rowling or visit the www.Pottermore.com!