Joanna Trollope Chats About Daughters-In-Law And More In Today's Author Interview

Mainstream author Joanna Trollope is known for her emotionally gripping novels about family. Her most recent release is this month's Daughters-in-Law, which focuses on the changing family dynamics as the Brinkley's last un-married son ties the knot. 

RT BOOK REVIEWS: In this month's Daughters-in-Law you focus on the relationships parents have with their married children and their spouses. What intrigued you about this dynamic?

Joanna Trollope: It’s universality. Even if you aren’t actually married, anyone living in any kind of a relationship has to deal, somehow, with their partner’s parents and family. I am keenly interested in all the relationship situations that are common to all of us, rather than focusing on the esoteric ones that will affect very few.

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