Jocelynn Drake Dollar Days E-Book Sale

Looking for a great Urban Fantasy author? Now is the perfect time to try out Jocelynn Drake because her entire backlist is currently on e-sale for only 99 cents per book! Read on for more information about Drake's unique worlds.

Dark Days Series 

Starting with the Top Pick! rated Nightwalker (Amazon; Barnes & Noble) the Dark Days series follows Mira, an unspeakably strong vampire heroine who acts as an enforcer maintaining the balance between the paranormal and human worlds. Headed to America after a particularly painful assignment, Mira's break is cut short when the nasty naturi attempt to overtake earth. An unexpected truce with vampire slayer Danaus and her own quick thinking are all Mira has in her fight with true evil. 

Book 2, Dayhunter (Amazon; Barnes & Noble) has Mira once again stopping the naturi. But this time, her enemy has forged some unholy alliances and Danaus, her one time enemy, is the only one that Mira can trust. Or can she?

The complex love/hate relationship between Mira and Danaus continues to play out in the next several books in the Dark Days series. In order to find out what happens to these two, you will want to pick up Dawnbreaker (Amazon; Barnes & Noble), Pray For Dawn (Amazon; Barnes & Noble), Wait For Dusk (Amazon, Barnes & Noble) and the series grade finale Burn the Night (Amazon; Barnes & Noble). And remember, each of these books are only 99 cents.

But just because you are done with these novels, doesn't mean the story is over. Drake also published two Dark Days novellas including "The Dead, the Damned, and the Forgotten" (Amazon; Barnes & Noble) and the prequel novella "Bound To Me" (Amazon; Barnes & Noble). 

Asylum Series

Jocelynn Drake is currently working on a new Urban Fantasy series Angel's Ink, but before you jump into the Angel's Ink and Dead Man's Deal, we suggest checking out the prequel stories "The Asylum Interviews: Bronx" (Amazon; Barnes & Noble) and "The Asylum Interviews: Trixie" (Amazon; Barnes & Noble) to find out more about the fascinating paranormal characters that inhabit the magical world of Angel's Ink.

And even though Blood by Moonlight (Amazon; Barnes and Noble) isn't part of a series, this anthology, which includes stories from Jocelynn Drake, Terri Garey and Caris Roane, is also on e-sale for a buck. That's what we call a deal!

Doing some quick math, we just realized that ALL of Jocelynn Drake's backlist can currently be purchased for only $11.00. But you have to act fast because this e-sale will only last until the end of the month. And if you are looking for more e-book deals, check back on the RT Daily Blog every Thursday for our column Cheaper by the Dozen.