John Scalzi+Subterranean Press = A Free Short Story With A Twist

John Scalzi announced earlier this week on his popular blog, Whatever, that he has teamed up with Subterranean Press to present readers with a free short science fiction story. 

Scalzi's story, "An Election," follows the decision of a human man to run for a seat on the city council in a world where no human has held that office for thirty-six years. When the man finds himself on the wrong side of the acting councilman, it's clear that this will be an even harder uphill battle than they expected!

Also, the story will have an addition that readers normally wouldn't expect - there are advertisements alongside the text that promotes some of Subterranean Press' other works. On Whatever, Scalzi explains how this is a "A Short Fiction Experiment" in cooperation with the publishing company. This experiment allows Scalzi to be paid for his writing, the readers get a free story and Subterranean Press gets promoted. Sounds like a win-win-win to us.

Read the Free Short Story >>