Jory Strong Takes Readers Under The Covers Of Inked Magic

Super-steamy author Jory Strong talks ménages and mythology in her new series starter Inked Magic. Meet heroine Etaín and the two very different men, Eamon and Cathal, who will do whatever it takes to protect this special woman.

Eamon took his mouth from hers, but only far enough so their eyes could meet. “Come home with me.”

Not a question. Not really. There was no hint of uncertainty as to what he thought her answer would be.

The call of like to like, the mingling of hot lust and dangerous curiosity tried to drown out any reason that would lead to no, but failed to. She had to finish what she’d started when she pressed her palms to the latest of the Harlequin Rapist’s victims.

“I can’t.”

Eamon’s fingers tightened on her wrists. “Because you intend to go to Cathal? You want him?”

She avoided the first question by answering the second. “You’ve seen him. What do you think?”

White teeth flashed in the darkness, making her think of a shark in deep waters. “Men don’t hold any attraction for me. But I can be flexible in what I allow of a lover. Of you, Etaín. I can even share if I have to, though I’ll never believe you prefer him.”

Heat pulsed through her with his words, coming with the image of lying naked between the two men. She was used to being hit on, but not like this, where the hints of dominance and threat made her hotter. She was open-minded about sex, but had never craved what the fantasy he provoked promised, though she did now.

Eamon laughed softly. “Have I shocked you? Or aroused you?”

Ménages are my favorite type of erotic romance story—to read and to write. It’s decadent, delicious fantasy, especially when the heroine is at the center of things and getting all the attention—not that the heroes don’t experience their fair share of pleasure too

I loved writing Inked Magic. Loved my two heroes, which is why they both had to “get the girl” in the end. There was just no way to choose between them though Inked Magic is a departure for me. Unlike the other ménages I’ve written, this isn’t a case where two friends decide to share or a couple decides to add a third. It’s a bit of a love triangle where broken hearts aren’t the only thing at risk, Etaín’s very life is at stake.

She’s never thought permanence was possible when it came to a lover. Wasn’t even sure she’d want it if she could have it, though upon meeting Cathal, then Eamon, she’s caught fast and hard in a snare of attraction.

She’s a changeling elf but unaware of it. With the touch of her palms to the skin of a crime victim, she can see the faces of the guilty and draw them.

It’s that ability that brings Cathal into her life. The son of a mob boss, he’s been put in an untenable situation. Help his family or live with his conscience when it comes to Etaín. His father and uncle are after execution-style justice and don’t care about collateral damage. Seduction is on the agenda, but it’s Cathal who ends up seduced.

“I wanted you in my bed last night,” Cathal said, the truth escaping before he could prevent it. “I kept hoping you’d make it to the club after all.”

Etaín rubbed her cheek against his, an affectionate gesture that shouldn’t have mattered to him. Shouldn’t have had the power to pour warmth into his chest, but did.

“Saoirse was closed by the time I got finished with my brother.”

Some perverse part of him made him push, test. “Then we both ended the night alone.”

She stilled. He expected her to lie and almost wished she had when she said, “I saw Eamon after I did what I needed to do for my brother.”

The admission made the muscles along his arms turn to steel and his hands ball into fists against her back. Jealousy pulsed through him, a possessiveness that would have verged on dangerous obsession if he were a different type of man.

He wrestled it down by reminding himself of what was at stake here. Her life.

Rather than pull away from her in anger, he nuzzled her ear. “Why did you go to him when you could have come to me?”

The legs still wrapped around his waist tightened. “Maybe I like variety. Don’t tell me you’re not the same.”

He let the challenge pass but heard himself warn, “I’m not a man to share when I’m serious about a woman.”

She sighed, a soft puff of warmth against his cheek. “Then don’t get serious about me.”

Eamon knows exactly what Etaín is the moment she steps through his wards and enters his exclusive restaurant with Cathal. He’s an Elven lord and part of a world unseen by humans. Her aura tells him she’s close to the transition to full elf, her body language tells she and Cathal aren’t lovers — yet. But more importantly, Eamon knows in a heartbeat that he will make her his wife-consort and magic-bond mate.

One man is willing to share her. The other isn’t. Etaín wants them both—in fact she needs them if she is going to survive. Getting to a HEA for this threesome isn’t going to be easy. But in the end…they’ll have it all, decadent, delicious fantasy made real, one I hope readers will enjoy!

Thanks for having me here!

- Jory Strong

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