Jory Strong Talks Magic And Ménage

When magic is added to an already complex ménage, things can become complicated in a hurry. In Jory Strong's Inked Magic series, heroine Etaín is a tattoo artist with the unusual ability to see a criminal's face by touching a victim's palm. But soon she discovers that her power comes from her true identity as an elf changeling. Caught between her human lover and an elf determined to help her hone her skills, magic certainly makes Etaín's life interesting. Today the author visits the RT blog to shed some light on her latest release, Inked Destiny, and how supernatural abilities can enhance (and harm) a ménage relationship.

Words followed, spoken in what must be the language of magic, what water and fire would sound like if they had a voice. Etaín felt as if some barrier was being brought down, saw it in a sudden luminescence, not surrounding Eamon but emanating from him, making him otherworldly, breathtaking in a way that was more than heart-stopping gorgeous or beautifully handsome, in a way that was beyond compelling, reminding her of tales of the shining folk, the stories her mother used to whisper to her at bedtime, or sometimes as they traveled by bus, leaving old names behind and taking up new ones.

Despite Etaín’s ability to imbue the tattoos she creates with power, despite her ability to take memories from the crime victims she touches, and despite the very real, magically created bond she has with Cathal, neither she nor Cathal are aware that supernatural beings live among humans until Eamon reveals himself as an Elf.

Elves wield magic that has at its roots, the elements. But Elves are also the vessels for that elemental magic, hearing its voice and sometimes being controlled by it — and no one is more at risk than a changeling.

Eamon is lord of all he sees. As Lord, it’s his duty to kill those changelings who don’t gain control of magic and gift. He’s a spell caster used to being obeyed and unaccustomed to explaining himself.

Etaín is a changeling whose ability to control her gift is shrinking. And Cathal — Cathal is human. He never wanted to share Etaín, but while he’s accepted having to share, with Eamon’s revelation, he has to wonder if over time Etaín will identify less and less with human concerns, if she’ll ultimately regret being bound to him. It was hard enough to fight the jealousy before, but now he’s got to fight the suspicion too — that Eamon might want him dead so he can be replaced by a more advantageous mate, a mate who isn’t only human.

Magic brought them together, but being involved in a ménage gets more difficult when a dragon manifests in Etaín’s consciousness. Is it real or imagined? 

Elves aren’t the only supernatural beings present in the human realm. Or the only threat to this newly formed relationship where love and magic must still be woven together.

- Jory Strong

What would you do if you were caught between a human and a powerful Elf? Let us know in the comments! You can pick up a copy of Inked Destiny, available in stores now. For more sexy love stories, visit our Everything Erotica Page.