Joss Ware On Selena Of Night Betrayed - The Newest Heroine Of The Envy Chronicles

Joss Ware's Selena is no ordinary leading lady. In the post-apocalyptic world of Ware's the Envy Chronicles, Selena serves as a hospice worker, guiding people to their final rest. But when the nearly dead Theo survives the death rattle that Selena knows so well, she realizes that she may have finally met the man who is her match. Now the author brings us up to speed on everything we need to know before venturing into the zombie-infested world of Selena, Theo and what remains of society in Night Betrayed.

About a year ago, I found a book written by a hospice doctor that was a collection of his experiences with death and the dying. The stories and incidents were fascinating, and only added to stories I’d heard from other people—another hospice doctor whom I know personally, along with others who’ve worked or volunteered, or otherwise been present in situations when someone is dying.

There are countless examples of people who’ve seen or experienced unusual things while with a person who’s dying. Angelic guides, waiting to help someone leave their corporal body and move onto the next phase. Dying people who see visions and gain sudden knowledge and understanding. Situations where a person who is seemingly unconscious and unresponsive “waits” to die until they’re given permission, or until a loved one arrives to say farewell. Over and over, people have told me that they learned so much from someone who is near death or dying.

And it takes a special kind of person to work with families and patients in hospice, who face death day after day after day.

So when I began to work on the fourth book in my paranormal romance series, the Envy Chronicles, I was thinking about these things. I also had left a character fatally shot at the end of the previous book (Abandon the Night), and I thought…what an interesting thing to include in my new project.

The world of the Envy Chronicles is one of a post-apocalyptic environment, fifty years after the earth has been decimated and most of the human population has been destroyed. Don’t think of Mad Max or Blade Runner…think of Life Without People or even LOST or Walking Dead. The cities are overgrown jungles, and there are pockets of civilization, not unlike that of the Old West.

And there are lots of hot men. Trust me. It wouldn’t be a romance series without them!

Envy is actually the largest bastion of humanity—and its name comes from its previous life: Vegas, or in this case, they call it New Vegas. N.V., or…Envy.

Selena is known as The Death Lady, because she’s the closest thing to a hospice doctor or nurse in this new world that has lost the technology, infrastructure, and communication that we used to have. But Selena has a gift with the dying, along with a special calling to help another part of humankind as well…the zombies who roam the earth now that it’s been destroyed.

When Theo Waxnicki is brought to Selena, he’s dying. She can always tell when someone’s about to expire…and there’s no turning back. Once she sees their death cloud, she’s never had anyone survive. She’s never had a patient live.

But…Theo is different. And in the end, Selena manages to help him…and once he recovers, sparks fly. She’s got secrets, and so does he. She’s been burned in the past, and he’s suffering from a broken heart.

He’s a computer geek in this world where computers and technology must be kept underground and secret, and she has a dangerous mission where she must go out and mingle with the zombies in the midst of their flesh-starved frenzy.

And…there’s part of an old, abandoned, overgrown amusement park that’s the setting for more than a few scenes. (Notice the Ferris wheel on the cover!)

Night Betrayed, the fourth book in the series, was released in late January. I hope you have a chance to check out Theo and Selena’s story, and get to meet the other characters in the dystopian world of Envy.

Because I was inspired not only by those stories of hospice, but also by the people who work in that health field, helping us and our loved ones to die with as much dignity and comfort as possible, I’ve dedicated the book to hospice workers all over the world.

If you know someone who works or volunteers in that field, I hope that you’ll think of them and express your appreciation for what they do. Death is the great equalizer, and in the end, those tireless people are the ones who so often are there to ease our way and that of those we love.

I’d love to answer questions if you have any…or if you have a story about death or dying that you’d like to share.

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- Joss Ware

Are you curious about Selena, Theo and the society of Envy? Then be sure to check out the newest novel in The Envy Chronicles, Night Betrayed, in stores now.