July 2012: Which Self-Published Story Is Right For You? Take The Quiz!

With self-published books making big waves in the world of publishing, a reader can feel lost, adrift on a sea of potentially fantastic (but possibly terrible) tales. Never fear, the S.S. RT BOOK REVIEWS is here to guide you reading happiness. Each month in the magazine we investigate some of the new self-published books and authors that will delight readers in the “Self-pub Hub” column and the reviews sections. So take a look at our top titles of the month and let us guide you to a reading safe harbor by answering a few simple questions about the direction you’d like to set sail. 


1. If you’re on a first date with a guy who shows off one of these skills, which will win him a second date?

A) Juggling — He’s always happy to clown around

B) Knowing if your burger is cooked to perfection — He’ll keep you safe from (just about any) blood-born disease ...

C) Ordering the perfect meal — This man knows what you want before you do

D) Sweet talks the maitre d’ into giving you the best table — Baby will not be put into a corner with this man

E) Performing CPR — Even on your worst days, you’ll look good to this doctor hero


2. You love to read about a heroine who ...

A) Is curious like a cat

B) Rolls with the punches

C) Challenges the status quo

D) Isn’t afraid to start over

E) Has a healing heart


3. On a “girls night out” your drink of choice is:

A) A hearty pint of Guinness

B) An (extra-)Bloody Mary

C) Mead! Hurrah!

D) A Gin and Tonic

E) A Frozen Margarita


4. In A Crisis, You Are Most Likely To …

A) Set up your house as central command

B) Be the first to volunteer your help

C) Look for outside-the-box solutions

D) Turn to the authorities

E) Be a shoulder to lean on


5. Which of these TV Show heroes makes your pulse race?

A) Downton Abby’s Matthew

B) Trueblood’s Eric

C) Game of Thrones Khal Drogo

D) Franklin & Bash’s Peter Bash

E) Grey’s Anatomy’s Mark Sloan


If You Chose Mostly A’s … You should check out The English Heiress by Patricia Rice. This RT Top Pick! features a crafty hero from the wrong side of the Irish Sea. Irish hero Michael, the adopted brother of an Earl, has questionable heritage. But that doesn’t stop Lady Blanche from falling for him (despite her misgivings). We aren’t surprised that RT’s Joan calls this read a “delicious romantic adventure that will warm your heart and tickle your funny bone.”




If You Chose Mostly B’s … Pick up a copy of Norah Wilson’s paranormal/urban fantasy, The Merzetti Effect. Dr. Delano Bowen is on the hunt for a cure for the virus that results in vampirism. Thankfully, the lovely Ainsley Crawford may just have what he needs … in more ways than one. Her blood may hold the antidote but her heart may be what saves Del from an eternity alone. In addition to the romance, this story is a “classic tale of good vs. evil with a hefty does of science and medicine” — a perfect addition to a paranormal romance lover’s e-reader!




If You Chose Mostly C’s … You’re in the mood for something hot, then The Third Scroll by Dana Marton will provide the scorching heat you need. When Tera, a budding healer, is thrust into the savage realm of barbarian warlords, she catches the eye of the most powerful lord in the land — but will she steal his heart? RT’s Angela raves about this “ambitious, vividly imagined story” that will have you dreaming of a warlord of your very own. 





If You Chose Mostly D’s … Then why not check out Alexa Grace’s Deadly Offerings? It sounds like you’ll be more than satisfied with this romantic suspense that RT’s Diane calls  “a must-have summer read.” Spitfire Anne Mason is excited to be starting her life anew, but when she attracts the notice of a serial killer, there’s a possibility that her new life won’t last that long. It’s a good thing she has a hunky neighbor who is willing to do whatever it takes to protect and serve!





If You Chose Mostly E’s … Then you’ll enjoy taking a bite out of a L.C. Giroux’s His Lady Godiva, a contemporary romance tale that RT’s Diane likens to eating a “refreshing Italian ice in the blazing Texas heat.” Surgeon Michael Dennison is a wounded man with roughened edges, but the beautiful Violet Bellows may prove to be the balm for his weary soul. Together they will learn how love can conquer all in this swoon-inducing story!



Let us know your quiz results in the comments! You can find all these books and more available online now. And for other digital reads, be sure to check out RT's Everything E-Books Page.