June 2012: Which Self-Published Story Is Right For You? Take The Quiz!

There’s no denying it, self-publishing is booming and the result is an enormous amounts of great books ready for readers. Each month in the RT magazine we take a look at some of the authors and titles in our new “Self-pub Hub” column and in our review sections. But with so many books, how do you choose which one to try first? Well, now you can take our simple quiz and we’ll help you figure out which new self-published book from this month’s issue is your next read!


1. Which type of romance do you prefer?

A) One that involves chivalry and a knight in shining armor

B) A modern-day relationship

C) The kind that seems a little bit magical

D) One where you put your heart — and maybe your life — on the line

E) Love that comes with a double helping of heat


2. Your perfect hero...

A) Is dark, broody and good with a broadsword

B) Has superstar talent

C) Can tap into an ancient heritage

D) Will go the extra mile to “protect and serve”

E) Is not afraid to make a grand gesture — like moving across the country unasked


3. A good book best read with which of these at your side ...

A) A purring cat

B) A can of soda or glass of wine to drink

C) A dictionary to look up words you don’t know

D) The keys to your front door, just so you know you’ve locked it

E) A friend to talk to when you’re done reading


4. What’s your ideal first date?

A) Visiting a wild animal sanctuary

B) Courtside seats at a sports game

C) Checking out a carnival — and getting your fortune read

D) A five-star dining experience and then going to the theatre

E) Going skinny dipping


If you chose mostly A’s … Then we suggest you check out Glynnis Campbell’s historical romance Passion’s Exile, about a young woman on a journey to join a convent. Along the way she finds danger, friendship and, of course, love with a handsome hero. But can Rosamund convince Pierce that he deserves her love? You’ll have to read this compelling tale to find out. (Special note, Campbell has previously published under the names Kira Morgan and Sarah McKerrigan.)




If you chose mostly B’s … You’ll find your story fix with Playing the Game by Stephanie Queen. This contemporary romance novel has RT’s Diane saying, “Readers will fall in love, get heated, laugh and have an energizing adventure.“ The tale follows heroine Roxanne who falls in love with a basketball star. But will this professional player commit to just one woman? You’ll love seeing how this game plays out!




If you chose mostly C’s … Then we suggest you download a copy of Superstition. This paranormal romance from Tori Scott combines one headstrong young woman with a mystical necklace that has special powers. But when she heads to Arizona to learn more about how the magic is combining with her tribal roots, it turns out that it’s not just heroine Caitlyn who is intrigued by this piece of jewelry. There’s also an evil general who has his eye on the trinket and a mysterious man named Jacob Littlejohn who is shadowing Caitlyn. This story is an edge-of-your-seat supernatural thrill ride that is sure to please!




If you chose mostly D’s... The romantic suspense Guarding Suzannah from Norah Wilson will get your heart rate up. This story starts the Serve and Protect series with a bang. When an Ice Queen defense attorney and a hunky police detective move in together to protect her from a stalker, can he keep her safe from danger? And if they survive this threat will their relationship be able to withstand the fact that she works to keep bad guys out of jail — and his job is to put them there? Well if you picked D answers, we think you’ll enjoy seeing what happens to this spirited duo.




If you chose mostly E’s … Then be sure to download a copy of The Gatekeeper by Deb Sanders. This erotic romance will keep you up late as hero Clay tries to keep heroine Kylie safe. Although she tries to protect him by moving across the country, he won’t let anything — not even the fate of the world — come between them. You’ll love this tale of passion, protection and a couple that will do whatever it takes to be together.



Let us know your quiz results in the comments! You can find all these books and more available online now. And for other digital reads, be sure to check out RT's Everything E-Books Page.