June Historical Romances With Assassins & Suspense

Love sure can be a killer, can’t it? And with all the twists and turns, the road to romance is often a winding, yet rewarding one. This month, we’re taking a look at a handful of exciting new historical romances featuring assassins and suspense, two elements that make any book intriguing. Take a look:

In Zoe Archer’s Wicked Temptation, widow Brownwyn Parrish makes the startlingly discover that her late husband’s business partner, Devere, stole all her money, leaving her with little hope. But when ex-spy and Nemesis Unlimited member Marco Black offers to help her recover her money, Brownwyn embarks on a wild journey across England, France and Italy. Along the way, Brownwyn and Marco fall in love, but with danger at every turn, their new relationship faces some challenges.

Meanwhile, in The Scoundrel’s Seduction, secret agent Sam Hawkins is tasked with assassinating a known traitor. His mission goes smoothly, except for the fact that there’s a witness - his target’s wife, Elise, Lady Dunthorpe. When Sam takes her captive, Elise tries to convince him of her innocence and plans to seduce him. But sparks are already flying between the two of them and it isn’t long before they’re falling in love. This new offering from Jennifer Haymore sounds promising.

When Princess Luisa is disguised as a man and placed in the Earl of Somerton’s estate as a servant to protect her from assassins, she soon finds herself falling for the Earl, who’s married and suspicious of his wife’s fidelity. When a traitor threatens Luisa’s safety and an illness ruins her ruse, she and the Earl must cross more bridges to make their relationship work. Or are there too many obstacles for them to overcome? Be sure to pick up Juliana Gray’s How to School Your Scoundrel to find out.

And in Nina Rowan’s A Dream of Desire, suspense is abound as Lady Talia Hall focuses her time and energy on creating a home for wayward boys. This charity project is anything but widely accepted since many people benefit from the existing system. To make matters worse, James Forester, the man she loves who doesn’t love her back, comes back into life. With Talia’s life in danger and James’s need to protect her, their path to a happy ending won't be easy.

Intrigued? Be sure to grab these high-stakes historical reads out this month! And for more historical recommendations, authors and buzz, visit our Everything Historical page!