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Karen Erickson On Her Hot New Hero From A Scandalous Affair

Author Karen Erickson's Merry Widows series continues with the third installment, A Scandalous Affair. Sure to please erotica fans who like their steamy reads set in the past, this historical love story tells the tale of Daphne, a foreword thinking widow and the introverted Marquis of Hartwell. Today the author shares what makes these two very different characters perfect for each other.

Ah, the Marquis of Hartwell from my new historical novella, A Scandalous Affair. Otherwise known as “Black Hart” amongst the ton for his icy, unfriendly demeanor, he is such a mystery to my heroine, Daphne, Lady Pomeroy. A widow who is ready for a new adventure, she finds herself drawn to the reclusive lord. And once they share a moment on the dance floor, she’s more determined than ever to learn everything she can about him.

I usually write a more take charge hero, so Hartwell was a bit of a challenge for me, just like he was for Daphne. But he has his reasons. You see, he’s suffered a terrible speech affliction since he was a child, one he still has a hard time overcoming. Therefore, he’s withdrawn from society and keeps to himself. He’d rather have the reputation as a coldly ruthless man versus a pitiful one. So he rarely speaks.

Kind of difficult to have a hero expressing his feelings when he rarely speaks, right?

But spending time with the rather delightfully aggressive Lady Pomeroy works a sort of miracle on Hartwell. He discovers his speech impediment tends to disappear when he’s around her. She builds within him a confidence he wasn’t sure he’d ever discover.

See how the love of a good woman can completely transform a man? *winks*

It was a joy creating Daphne. Truly, I’ve had a ball creating all of the widowed heroines from my Merry Widows series. They’re all a little unconventional and a bit daring. Daphne though, was by far the most forward of the widowed ladies, which is unusual during the late Regency period in England. But I know as a reader I’ve always enjoyed characters that buck stereotypes so …

Now Daphne may be the one who took the initiative in public, but trust me, Hartwell comes into his own in private. As in, he knew how to take the lead in the bedroom. All that restrained, quiet power can be rather potent, as Daphne soon discovers. Once Hartwell unleashes all over her, she’s hooked. How can she resist him?

And once he releases all of that pent up frustration and sexual aggression, he comes into himself. Being with Daphne allows him to grow and become a better person. Sounds corny but it’s true…these two are good for each other.

Hopefully, readers will agree.

- Karen Erickson

You can download a copy of A Scandalous Affair, available from online retailers now. For more steamy reads from every era, visit our Everything Erotica Page.