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Karen Hawkins On What Makes Scottish Men The Best Heroes

Author Karen Hawkins embarks on a new series with One Night in Scotland, which releases today. The novel is not only an RT Top Pick! it has also been nominated to win the Best Scotland-Set Historical Romance category of the 2010 RT Reviewers' Choice Awards. So the author has stopped by to share her reasons why a Scot makes the best type of romance hero. And don’t miss the excerpt of One Night in Scotland at the end of the post!

Sometimes a good book (or series) can change your life. Such is the case when I discovered Elizabeth Peters' beloved Amelia Peabody series. Amelia’s intrepid curiosity, dry wit, and desire to unlock the mysteries of the ancients while simultaneously raising a family, civilizing her husband, and battling evil in the present time, made her a woman to admire. For me, she set a new standard for the term ‘heroine.’  

Who wouldn’t love a woman known to say: “I always say there is nothing more comfortable or commodious than a tomb.” And “Most men are reasonably useful in a crisis. The difficulty comes from convincing them that the situation has reached a critical point.” And “I have known several villains who were perfect gentlemen.”

From my admiration for the quick-witted, adventuresome Amelia grew a genuine fascination for the ancient ruins and splendid tombs of a time long past, and thus was born the idea for the Hurst Amulet Series. 

In this series, you’ll become reacquainted with the Hurst family which was featured in the final two books of my last series, The MacLean Curse. As you’ll see from the first book, the Hursts are intrinsically linked to the mysteries of ancient Egypt. 

The series begins with One Night in Scotland as Michael Hurst, now a famed explorer and adventurer, has been imprisoned by a wealthy, powerful sulfi. It is left to his sister, Mary, to fetch and deliver the item demanded by the sulfi for her brother’s release - an ancient artifact that carries a clue to the long lost Hurst Amulet. But her efforts are thwarted by the scarred and dangerous Earl of Erroll who holds the artifact in trust for her missing brother. Unfortunately for Mary, Erroll believes this demanding, infuriating woman has come to steal the artifact and he locks her away in a turret until he can prove – or disprove – her identity.  

It will take all four books for the Hursts to free their sibling and find the amulet, but there are clues hidden in each book as we travel with the family toward the ultimate moment when they finally recover – and grow to understand – a mystical enchantment far greater than they ever imagined. 

And naturally, along the way the individual Hursts will discover something even more important then their heritage or even a magic amulet. . . they will discover the very real magic of true love.

- Karen Hawkins

The Top Five Reasons A Scotsman Is the Very Best Romance Hero 

5)  A genuine Scottish brogue has been scientifically prove to thaw even the most hardened heart.

4)  Because ‘Sexy Scot’ isn’t just a descriptive nationality, but a naturally occurring pheromone and oh, I just wish they’d go ahead and the cologne.

3) Any man who can pump a misshapen plaid bag adorned with clarinet tips and make hauntingly lovely music must have crazy mad skills in Other and Far More Important Areas.

2)  There is something sexy about a man who comes from the same fierce stock that scared away the entire Roman Empire.

And the Number One Reason a Scotsman is the Very Best Romance Hero:

1)  Wind + Kilt + Muscular Scotsman Thighs = Heaven On Earth.

You can enjoy Hakwin’s latest Scot in this excerpt of One Night in Scotland and then pick up your own copy of the entire adventure in stores now!

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