Katherine Garbera And The Timeless Romance Of The Pirate


Author Katherine Garbera takes a look at the romance of modern-day pirates.

Pirates are usually found in historical romances and to be honest I love a good pirate romance. When I started writing The Pirate there were a few stories in the news about the Somali pirates and it gave me the spark of an idea. This book is the second in my Savage Seven series and I wanted to do something different than The Mercenary, which took place in South Africa in the diamond mines there. And to be honest I fell a little in love with the entire African continent when I was doing my research.

I liked the idea of having the heroine not really sure if the hero was a good guy or not at the beginning. So that's how it started. Laz is captaining a shipping tanker through the Gulf of Aden to deliberately try to capture the pirate king operating in the area. He has to seem to the crew and their passengers that he might be corruptible and ruthless. But Daphne who knows he's dangerous senses something more to him and when pirates take over the ship he proves that he's not a bad guy in fact he's a very good man.

Laz is used to being in tight situations and using his wits and his mercenary skills to get out of them. But having Daphne in the mix has upped the stakes. In most of the historical romances I've read where a pirate is the hero, the danger to the pirate is that the heroine will find out what his true identity is. That is the same situation here — if Daphne knows the truth about him and blows his cover it will ruin the sting that the Savage Seven have spent time setting up. And like those historical romance heroines Daphne is drawn to Laz in spite of the fact that she's not sure he's a good guy.

Laz's ship is a Maersk tanker and he's hauling not Spanish treasure but modern cargo. His enemy isn't polite society but the very real and dangerous Somali pirate king — Samatan. Samatan is a man who grew up in a world that shows respect only to the man who carries the biggest stick and has the most kills.

Just like in historical pirate romances my heroine is more than she appears and her status as a prominent US Senator's ex-wife throws a wrench into Laz's well-laid plans and his agenda changes from just catching Samatan to include protecting Daphne no matter what.

I hope you enjoy this updated version of a pirate romance!

- Katherine Garbera

The Pirate by Katherine Garbera hits shelves tomorrow, June 29th.

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