Keith Thomas Walker's Finley Sisters On How To Survive Your Ten-Year Class Reunion

In this month's mainstream novel The Finley Sisters' Oath of Romance, author Keith Thomas Walker introduces readers to "The Finley Sisters" — three women who were as close as kin during their years at Finley High School but have drifted apart during the past decade. Now, on the eve of their ten-year class reunion, these three friends jump off the page to share their own tips for how to survive this important milestone.

Dawn: A reunion? Wow. Are you going? I only went for Mona and Rene. I guess the first thing you need to do is build up your self esteem. You know everybody’s going to notice that you not as thin as you used to be. And you should get some new clothes too. If you’re anything like me, you don’t have a closet full of designer labels. I usually get my clothes at Wal-mart, and that’s only if I don’t have to get clothes for my two boys first. The next thing you have to do is come up with a good cover story for what you been doing for the last ten years. Some of them nerds you graduated with are making good money. You don’t want to tell them you working at the cleaners. And find something to do with your jealous boyfriend. My Henry wouldn’t let me go without him, and he had the nerve to show up looking like who-did-it and what-for!

Mona: I think that when you’re getting ready for a class reunion, you should get you ducks in order, kinda like you do with a big project at work. I already got it going on, so I don’t need to lose ten pounds or nothing, but I will make sure my outfit is extra right. Hair, shoes, jewels all have to be outshining any of those heifers who thought they were going to be the one turning heads. Yeah right. Nobody outshines Mona. Make sure you pass out a bunch of business cards so everybody will know you made it big. And don’t even think about bringing a man. My wannabe boyfriend tried to tag along, and I kicked him to the curb! How am I supposed to get some action if I got a damned bugaboo on my arm? Please. Next you need to make a list of all of those bitches you wanna get back at, and make sure you find every last one of those trifling skeezers at the reunion. They might have got over on you in high school, but you the big dog now. Let it be known!

Rene: Okay, I know you probably heard some crazy stuff from my friends, but let me set the record straight: Class reunions are special. You shouldn’t let them stress you out. Don’t worry about what you look like now. Everybody got a little chubby. The ones who didn’t probably let it go to their heads, so you shouldn’t care about what they think. You do need to get a nice outfit together, but don’t go shopping if you can’t afford it. As far as vendettas, my friend Mona got revenge on Viola Smalls at our reunion. Yeah, it was hilarious, but you shouldn’t harbor grudges like that. It’s not healthy. Just be yourself and try to recapture some of the love and laughter from the days of yore. Lol. Let you hair down. Enjoy yourself!

So what exactly happens to Dawn, Mona and Rene at their class reunion? You can find out by picking up your own copy of Keith Thomas Walker's The Finley Sisters' Oath of Romance in stores now.