Kelly Meding To Continue Her Urban Fantasy Series


Kelly Meding, author of Three Days To Dead, has just signed a deal with Dell to continue the Evy Stone series through book four. The series starter, Three Days To Dead, is "a thrilling urban fantasy full of desperate humans and menacing evil" with "impressive" world-building.

For atleast three more books, the recently reanimated Evy Stone will continue policing the Dregs, the non-humang population of her city. Medding shares that Evy will have "alot of growing up to do" as she works to keep the Dregs' existence a secret from the city's human population. Fans can expect to see familiar faces as well as what Meding calls "a lot of shifts in the power dynamics between the various races." And the author warns, expect Evy's romantic life to "take an unexpected turn."


So what specifically is in store for the series? Meding reveals, "I can't say too much without spoiling something, but Evy gets a healthy dose of gray added to her previously black-and-white view of the Dregs." Books three and four have the respective working titles Another Kind Of Dead and Wrong Side Of Dead. The author hopes to have book three on the shelves as soon as 2011.

The series second, As Lie The Dead, will be released on July 27th and is reviewed in our August issue.