Kick Butt Boots: Zoë Archer's Winter Shoe Shopping Guide

We know, we know, you should probably be shopping for others this time of year. But maybe you need a new pair of boots? Or your sister, or mom? We at RT are here for you. So we asked our favorite romance author/boot enthusiast, Zoë Archer, to put together a look book of the latest and greatest foot fashions.

My heroines are known for being kick-ass dames — it’s tough to run around, kick bad guy butt, and ravish the hero while tottering around on spindly stilettos. So my boot picks for today’s post are fashionable, but also a little on the functional side, just in case you find yourself in the middle of a romantic adventure.

Ankle boots are hot this season. They’re a perfect everyday choice, and look great paired with a variety of clothing options, from skinny jeans to dresses and tights. This pair from Modcloth is awesome for darting from coffee house to school to hidden underground temple holding priceless artefacts.  

Greenhouse Picnic Boot in Berry, $49.99 from ModCloth

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Zoë Archer post about boots unless I mentioned my absolute passion: knee high boots. They just shout adventure.  This pair from Michael Kors is terrific matched with a sweater dress, patterned tights, and a mask for holding up the bad guys’ carriage.

Michael Kors' Ailee Boot, $324.95 (on sale for $227.46) via Nordstrom

I happen to live in Los Angeles, so snow is pretty rare around these parts. But I know that many readers have to contend with rougher weather. When the rain is coming down and you have to wait in hiding to ambush the villains, I suggest this pair from Sorel, that will keep you nice and toasty and ready for action.

Sorel's Conquest Carly boot, $220 via Piperlime

Naturally, when I’m writing my books full of adventure, I always make sure to have my heroines appropriately shod. For Eva Warrick, the Nemesis, Unlimited agent heroine in Sweet Revenge, I’d need to select something that fits her double life as a tutor as well as someone who doles out justice — all the while standing up (and being wildly attracted) to ex-con Jack Dalton. This pair is sleek and understated, like Eva herself, but ready to kick a little butt when the time is right.

Lavinia Boots, $298 from Sundance

For Ada Merrow, the heroine of “Winter’s Heat,” a Nemesis, Unlimited holiday novella, she’d need a pair of boots that can handle the rigors of a servant’s life, but can serve double duty as she and her ex and partner Michael search out hidden corruption in the ranks of the elite. I think these would do the job quite nicely.

Børn Mallory Heeled Boots, $198 from Garnet Hill

Lastly, for Alyce Carr, the tough, spirited copper mining heroine of Dangerous Seduction, she’d require boots that are as fierce as she is. They’d definitely come in handy when she has to fend off her attraction to mysterious newcomer Simon Sharpe while also shielding her village from exploitation.  

Diesel Roxy Roll Siouxy Moto Boot, $226.99 via 6PM

Happy shopping, readers! We know we’ve found a pair or two to further investigate. And don’t forget to check out the RT Reviewers’ Choice Award Nominee, Dangerous Seduction, out now! For more historical heroines, visit our Everything Romance page.