Kim Gruenenfelder's Favorite Bridal Shower Pins

Wedding showers can sure be a hoot — there's that hat made of bows, the one inappropriate guest who brings racy lingerie as a present and the biting comments from the mother-in-law to be. Honestly, we mostly go for the spiked punch ourselves. Mainstream author Kim Gruenenfelder — whose RT Top Pick!, Keep Calm and Carry a Big Drink, features an enchanted bridal shower cake — pinned some of her favorite (and downright ridiculous) wedding shower elements, from gifts to decorations to cake! You can check out some of our favorites below, along with Kim's witty captions, and see all of her wedding-centric Pinterest boards here.

Someone gave this as a bridal shower gift. See ladies, this is why you register.


Can't afford a centerpiece? Just grab your whisk from the drawer and dip it in glitter.


How many peacocks did you have to kill to get this cake? (I'm kidding, I love this cake.)


Bridal Shower Camping Cake-Since camping is my personal idea of hell, I'd prefer a campy bridal shower cake.

Have a bridal shower horror story for us? Leave it in the comments. You can see more of Kim's pins here and find Keep Calm and Carry a Big Drink available in stores now. For more reads visit our Everything Mainstream page.