Kindle Singles To Recruit New Talent For Original Works

Not every piece of writing is destined to be a full-length novel. With this in mind, the editors at Amazon have devised a way to make it easier for aspiring authors, and previously published ones, to get their short pieces of writing into the hands of readers. The digital masterminds behind the Kindle e-reader have developed an imprint for short story and novella-length original works — Kindle Singles.

Kindle Singles aims to open up publishing to anyone looking to release their abbreviated writing. The line's motto is "Compelling Ideas Expressed at Their Natural Length" and they cap the length of submissions that they accept at between 5,000 and 30,000 words. The editors are also looking to acquire new writing in any genre of fiction or non-fiction, excluding children’s books, reference, travel guides, how-to manuals and anything in the public domain. Additionally, authors must be open to having list prices between $0.99 and $4.99 per "Single". Submissions must be original, self-contained (not chapters from a longer piece) and must not be digitally published anywhere else in their entirety.

If Kindle Singles sounds like the publishing platform for you, they are currently accepting pitches, completed manuscripts and e-books that were recently published through Kindle Direct Publishing. Writers are welcome to submit by e-mailing Each entry must include the author's name, the title of their work and, if applicable, an ASIN. The completed work itself can be sent, but pitches and yet-to-be-completed manuscripts are welcome as well. The Amazon editors will review any material they are sent, and respond to the submission within two weeks. All accepted work will be published through Kindle Direct Publishing, and authors can receive up to 70% in royalties.

If your submission is accepted by the Kindle Singles team, you will be in good company. Bestselling authors Lee Child, Stephen King and Jodi Picoult are among the writers who currently have Kindle Singles available, and the list continues to grow.

Think your writing is perfect for Kindle Singles? Submit your work here. For more writing tips and resources, be sure to check out our Aspiring Authors Page!