KindleGraph Allows Autographs on Digital Books

The reasons why we love e-reading are numerous however, the one thing digital e-readers have never allowed for are the author autographs and personal messages that so many readers cherish. This has all changed now that the masterminds at Amazon have created a new application called KindleGraph. The program allows readers to obtain a personal hand-written message from their favorite authors.

The best part? No more waiting in long lines at bookstores or conventions! When you want a book signed, you simply put in a request on your Kindle, the author receives an e-mail, inputs a digital message or signature using DocuSign, and the message is delivered back to your Kindle.

KindleGraph further integrates the reading experience by working hand-in-hand with Twitter. To use KindleGraph you authorize their use of your Twitter account, which allows the company to read and follow your Tweets, see who your follow and have you follow other Twitter users at their discretion. (Readers should note that by authorizing Amazon's use of your Twitter account, you do give the company the ability to Tweet through your account.)

As of KindleGraph's launch just a few months ago, the program allows readers to access 200 authors who can digitally "autograph" approximately 700 books. But hopefully the application will soon increase their autograph library. For more information, check out the KindleGraph website.