Win A Fairy Tale Romance (Novel) From Eloisa James

The latest Eloisa James historical novel, A Kiss At Midnight will be released on July 27th - but you can win your copy before it hits the shelves - check out the GIVEAWAY at the end of the post.

I was thrilled when an advanced reader copy of Eloisa James' newest novel, A Kiss At Midnight, came into the office. (Readers may remember that I got RT's Elissa Petruzzi hooked on James' novels which she, in turn, recommended to you here.)


For James' latest novel, A Kiss At Midnight, the author tackles a different kind of love from the past – fairy tale romance. A Kiss At Midnight is James’ adaptation of the Cinderella story. Impoverished noble Kate meets Prince Charming (aka Prince Gabriel) while she is pretending to be her stepsister. But this is just the beginning of the hijinx! The story’s requisite evil stepmother, fairy godmother and two tiny dogs (affectionately and not so affectionately called “the rats”) all carry the flavor of James’ unique writing style. But keep your eyes open for James' little tweaks to the well-known tale. My favorite? The lion.

In addition to the fairy tale theme, James also includes a very realistic depiction of sisters in her story. The author frequently writes about sisters, but with A Kiss At Midnight she perfectly encapsulates a less harmonious sister relationship. Kate struggles with her feelings for her sister Victoria, who is plump, sweet natured and a little less intelligent than Kate. And it is because of Victoria that Kate is wrangled into pretending to be her younger sister. Like the relationship of sisters outside the fictional world, the relationship between Kate and Victoria isn't always pretty as these sisters struggle with the external pressures on their friendship.

Eloisa James has charmed me all over again with A Kiss At Midnight. This novel tops my list as a perfect read for anyone who is looking to be whisked away from ordinary life!

GIVEAWAY ALERT: Eight lucky winners will receive an ADVANCE READER COPY of A Kiss At Midnight. To enter leave a comment about why you love Eloisa James or historical novels. Or email me here with your comment and the subject line "Eloisa James' A Kiss At Midnight Giveaway". The winners will be revealed on this blog post on July 19th.


BLOG UPDATE 7/19/10: And The Winners Are ... Jennifer J., Eva M., John H. and RT Users Cdiazins, Thelinda, Marietted, Sisstelle, Penfield