RT Managing Editor Liz French gives us a peek into "Knit One, Read Two" panel run by RT Senior Editor Stephanie Klose on Wednesday at the RT Convention.

"Knit One, Read Two" was a welcome chance to relax, chat and knit for 20-some participants, including authors Rachael Herron, Devon Monk, Terri Dulong and Lori Wilde. Also in attendance were the RT editors and reviewers who knit and purl.

Herron showed off her green and blue striped socks; Monk passed out patterns for her adorable knitted gargoyle, Stone; Wilde worked on a basket-weave scarf. RT editor Stephanie Klose, our undisputed champion knitter, presided over the festivities and handed out books and prizes while the group sat in an informal knitting circle and compared their work. RT head science fiction reviewer Natalie Luhrs showed off her knitting chops with a sparkly shawl and Theresa Stevens, the managing editor of Red Sage, gave Red Sage author Nathalie Gray a gorgeous cap custom-made for her.

In the headgear department, Devon Monk brought down the house by modeling her duck cap. The cap was a lurid yellow, with beak and eyes peeking out atop, and the most hilarious orange duck feet straps. Reader Ollie Mathis brought a weaving/knitting wheel that delighted this amateur knitter no end. Dulong showed Faygie Levy, RT's executive editor, her cabled iPod cover, and Levy discussed how she's modifying a child's T-shirt pattern into a dress for her niece.

The hour flew by and many stitches were dropped as we admired each other's handiwork and then it was off to the pell-mell world of RT's convention, day one!

-Liz French, RT BOOK REVIEWS Managing Editor