Kristen Callihan Reveals Her Favorite Character — With Giveaway!

Debut author Kristen Callihan’s Firelight won this month’s RT Seal of Excellence in a blaze of glory. Today, because we've promised not to tell any of her other characters, Kristen Callihan reveals why her masked and mysteriously disfigured hero is her very favorite character. Plus, find out how to win your own copy of this new novel!

If pressed to make a choice, I would have to admit that my hero Archer is my favorite character in Firelight, and as his maker, I sure do love him.

However, Archer and I got off to a bit of a rocky start. I had planned to write Firelight entirely in my heroine Miranda’s point of view. (No, I don’t know what I was thinking.) After struggling to write a scene in Miranda’s point of view and failing because a certain man would not keep quiet inside my head, I gave in and let Archer have his way. What came out was pain. Loneliness and isolation had beaten him down.

I might have taken the obvious path here and made him bitter. Yet that didn’t seem right. He was searching for a cure, after all. A bitter man wouldn’t bother. Which made me wonder why he was still trying. The key to that, it turned out, was also the cause of his downfall. This was a man with such a lust for life that, when death touched his family, he dabbled in the occult in an attempt to outwit it and found himself cursed. Yet this same will to live is what prompts him to forge on. When he meets Miranda, his lust for life increases tenfold. It’s what drives him to risk everything for that one, small chance at happiness.

Unfortunately, Archer’s path is never easy. When he realizes that his dream is failing and there is no way out for him, he channels his incredible will into protecting Miranda. Archer’s passion for her colors every action he takes, whether it is putting his life on the line or withdrawing from his heart’s desire to keep her out of harm’s way.

Readers have commented that Archer is swoon-worthy, mysterious, and other delicious things. I think readers are drawn to him because there is something utterly beguiling about a man who loves with his whole heart and will not quit. Life can be painful. Sometimes it is a struggle to just keep going. We love a hero who we know will always be there, fighting for what he believes in.

I know this is why I love Archer. And why I am so glad I let him have his way.

- Kristen Callihan

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BLOG UPDATE 3/5/12: Winners: Barbara Elness, catslady, Zafirah, Jane Squires, Jackie54736