The Last Week Of The Dark Days Of Supernatural Giveaway

Today marks the final round of the Dark Days of Supernatural giveaway: your last chance to win seven new paranormal YA novels — and one very cute tote bag that carries them all. This week you can get your hands on the new releases from Aprilynne PikeEllen Schreiber, Kim HarrisonVeronica RothAmy PlumJosephine Angelini and Tara Hudson. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below with the five items that are in your bag when you head out on your supernatural quest.

I know this seems like a difficult task. How do you whittle your list down just five bag-sized survival items? But I've got faith in you guys. You've come through with flying colors when I asked you to figure out your paranormal powers, identify your evil nemesis and share the top three traits of your love interest. Last week you guys imagined some seriously excellent-sounding love interests. Jennifer R. won round four with her guy who controls water, has a great smile and is both street and tech savvy.

Now this week, Hunger Games-style, it's all about figuring out what you need to take along with you on your adventure in order win. I had a bit of a challenge trying to figure out what made my list, because I wasn't quite sure where I was headed. I mean, "five items that fit in a bag" is pretty open-ended, and my first instinct was to say, "a purse is a type of bag" and set my supernatural story in the (relative) safety of suburbia. But I guess I'm headed into the wild because I packed my bag with ...

1. A water bottle (Because hydration is important.)

2. A Swiss Army Knife (Because no matter how hard I tried to reason it out, sadly, "Someone with wilderness skills" doesn't fit in a bag.)

3. Duct tape (See reason #2. Also, I am the opposite of handy, so I figure this is as close to carrying rope as makes sense.) 

4. One of those thin rain jackets that folds up into a pillow

5. A box of band-aids (I am also a super klutz — think one barely more coordinated than Bella Swan.)

Now to give you a little bit of extra motivation, take one last look at the seven books that will be winging their way to you if you win this week's Dark Days of Supernatural giveaway. 


I'm confident that you guys have got this one, pardon the pun, in the bag! And then, to get even more Dark Days of Supernatural action, check out their website and find out if their summer tour will be stopping near you.

GIVEAWAY ALERT: One lucky winner will receive this tote bag full of new paranormal YA releases, just leave a comment telling me what 5 items you would pack in your bag for your own supernatural adventure. (Or you can email your comment here with the subject line "Dark Days of Supernatural Giveaway Round 5") The winner will be announced on June 6!

BLOG UPDATE 6/9/2011: And the winner is ... Lauren (lolo)