Laura Wright's Unusual Sources Of Inspiration ...

Laura Wright’s new series, Mark of the Vampire, is getting buzz because of her incredibly sexy alpha heroes. This month's Eternal Hunger kicks off the series with the dark and mysterious vampire Alexander Roman. Discover Wright’s unexpected inspiration for this new world: 

I love the subject of inspiration. Because, honestly, isn’t creativity difficult without it? Sure, you can muscle through your plotting, make choices, etc – but inspiration, that beginning kernel of an idea that spawns into a full fledge story is vital and wonderful.  

For the Mark of the Vampire series, I had several inspirations. The first was Jude Deveraux. I know. You’re probably wondering what Jude D has to do with sexy bloodsucking vampires. Well, I’ll tell you – nothing. LOL. But what I learned and was inspired by from Jude Deveraux way back with I read my very first romance novel, A Knight in Shining Armor, was  stories with passionate characters, family loyalty and heroes who were rough with others, but gentle with the heroine. Those three elements have, I sincerely hope, gone into every book I’ve written.

Music as inspiration. This is a biggie for me. The emotional soundtrack of my writing, my brain, my heart. Don’t we all listen to music to get/feel inspired? It can change our mood from hopeful to melancholy to sexual in seconds. As I wrote the first book in the Mark of the Vampire series, Eternal Hunger, I listened to one album over and over and over. The Avatar soundtrack molded my characters, jumpstarted my love scenes and moved my dialogue forward. 

In fact, I’m listening to it right now. 

Then there is the HIM. Probably my number one inspiration for this series. The Breeding Male. The inspiration for the Breeding Male originally came in the form of Gerard Butler – but who isn’t inspired by Gerry, right?  See, I had this ‘kernel’ of a thought, this inspirational jolt. It went something like this…The Breeding Male is a vampire of purest blood who is taken by the rulers of the breed and genetically transformed into a ferocious, aggressive breeding machine. He is able to not only impregnate at will, but can also decide the sex of the child.  

Then comes the problem out of that inspiration – but it is a wonderful, emotional, character-enriching problem. (And heck, I love those.) Many of the females the Breeding Male mates with were forced to lay with him by their families. Now, comes conflict. How will this play out?  The females would have babies ... would they love them, hate them – get rid of them? ... The story is forming...

...And then from inspiration to perspiration I go. 

- Laura Wright

You can pick up your own copy of Wright’s series starter, Eternal Hunger, in bookstores now!