Lauren Dane On How To Seduce A Rock Star

Sure, rock stars are sexy, but what are the chances of an average girl bagging a sexy drummer or a hunky lead singer? Pretty good, if you ask author Lauren Dane. You just need to know a few simple rules of seduction. And who better to teach us than a woman who's written several rock star heroes paired with everyday heroines, including her most recent release Lush. Today the author shares how the girl-next-door can earn the affection of a man with rock star status.

I write rock star heroes/heroines. My first book with a rock star was 2009’s Laid Bare (Erin Brown, bass player, rock star, broken heroine), but since I’ve followed up with her brother Adrian in Never Enough and this month’s Lush with Adrian and Erin’s friend Damien.

These three are different in many ways — but one thing they all have in common is that their matches are all regular people. What I like is the idea that being on stage is part art and part act. All of the Browns and the Hurleys too are regular people when they’re not on a stage and so it worked out when I wrote each of their books that anyone they’d fall in love with would be too, though of course extraordinary.

In Lush we see more of the touring/fame than I’ve written about in the other books in the series and while Mary really digs Damien and finds all the backstage stuff exciting, she’s also wary.

So how does a person with a regular job that doesn’t include private jets and an entourage land themselves a rock star you might ask?

Passion – That’s the thing that brought Adrian and Damien both back to Gillian and Mary.  Mary is passionate about cooking. It’s her art. It’s the way she takes care of the people she loves. To her, food holds the same importance that music holds to Damien.

Independence – Mary doesn’t need Damien the rock star. She’s got her own life. Her own business. She pays her own bills and has her own friends and family. In a world where people are all about your role on stage or your glitzy life, that someone wants you for you is irresistible.

Shared Values - With Gillian as well as Mary, both women shared the bone deep connection and loyalty to friends and family. It shows the depth of their character.

Smoking Hot Chemistry – Even if you’ve got 1 – 3 you still really need that pull between those two people (or three) so that when you do end up in between the sheets you not only burn it up, you want to come back for more to the extent you don’t care about anyone else.

Thick Skin – Unfortunately for all the people who end up with my rock stars, they do have to deal with the celebrity media and groupies as well. It takes a person who is sure about her relationship and a partner who does all they can to keep it that way to endure all the endless stories, boob flashing groupies and the loss of privacy.

All in all, the bonuses of falling in love with a rock star outweigh the drawbacks. And it’s always up to that rock star to continue to keep it that way. At least in my books!

- Lauren Dane

You can pick up a copy of Lush, available in stores and online now. For more steamy romance, visit our Everything Erotica Page.