Lauren Dane, Rachel Vincent, Tami Dane and Nancy Gideon On Their Series Seconds

Sophomore slump, what's that? It's certainly not in the vocabularly of several of our favorite supernatural scribes! This month authors Lauren Dane, Rachel Vincent, Tami Dane and Nancy Gideon all give readers the second installment of their new series. But just because these are "book two" in a series, doesn't mean they are second in our hearts. Each author has crafted a follow up tale that sizzles, snaps and stuns. Take a look at what stories are on shelves now — and what the authors think you should know before you pick up their new releases!



Chaos Burning by Lauren Dane

The Series: Bound by Magic

The Book In A Look: Lark and Simon may be skilled at kicking supernatural butt, however will they — and their fledgling love — be strong enough to survive the coming war between all the paranormal factions?

Lauren Dane On What You Need To Know:

"Chaos Burning is set in a world an awful lot like ours with the exception of the existence of Others — supernatural beings. The series is set in Seattle within Clan Owen, the most powerful organization of witches in the country and they're facing a future that is not an "if" they come out to humans, but "when." The events in Chaos Burning are actually stand alone, but it's in a world that's been made more precarious by the events in Heart of Darkness and Meriel Owen, the seat of the Clan, sends for Lark to come help beef up their Hunter Corps (sort of like their cops/military) against outside threats. Some of the world details, like the Font (sort of a magickal bank of sorts that all members of the clan have access too) were set up in book one, and there are characters in this series from my series, but none of them are written in a way that you have to have read my de La Vega Cats or Cascadia Wolves to understand what's happening (though I think it's fun to read this book and have a ten year or so backstory that adds to the experience)."


Shadow Bound by Rachel Vincent

The Series: Unbound

The Book In A Look: Shadow-walker Kori is at the mercy of the Tower syndicate, a powerful mob, but will love be stronger than blood when this heroine is forced to choose between the man she cares about and her sister?

Rachel Vincent On What You Need To Know:

"Um … not too much, actually. Since each of the Unbound books is a stand-alone story narrated by a different couple, everything you need to know about the book can be learned from the back cover synopsis. In short, in the Unbound world, some people have Skills (paranormal abilities) and are at risk of being blood bound into service in one of several different supernatural crime syndicates, wherein defiance of a direct order often means a gruesome, agonizing death."



Blood of Innocence by Tami Dane

The Series: Sloan Skye

The Book In A Look: Heroine Sloan Skye helps profile paranormal serial killers but her latest case may be the most heinous — the murderer drains its victims’ blood and steals their unborn fetuses. Luckily, Sloan is on the case!

Tami Dane On What You Need To Know:

"Super smart Sloan Skye lost her dream internship with the FBI’s BAU (Behavioral Analysis Unit), only to find a new position with the newly created PBAU (Paranormal Behavioral Analysis Unit). Her job is to help her team profile paranormal serial killers. The first book takes place in the first few weeks of her internship. In that time, Sloan has learned vampires are very real. And she has helped the PBAU solve their first case. When book two opens, her summer is going from crazy to insane. Not only is she racing to catch bloodthirsty killers before they strike again, but she is also dealing with an annoying nemesis with whom she shares a complicated history, roommate problems, family problems, man problems and a pesky fiancé she didn’t know she had."


Seeker of Shadows by Nancy Gideon

The Series: Shadows (a spin-off from her Moonlight books)

The Book In A Look: A new town should have meant a new beginning for Susanna, but instead a ghost from her past, Jacques LaRoche, meets her there. Will these shapeshifters be able to overcome the past that they weren’t supposed to have — but neither can forget?

Nancy Gideon On What You Need To Know:

"A shapeshifter with no past, a geneticist with a secret, a choice between forbidden passion and the fate of a species: that’s the Twitter version of Seeker of Shadows. [In this book] readers will get their first look at the coldly manipulative Chosen, the New Orleans Shifter’s enemies from the North. What readers need to know about Seeker of Shadows is that even though it’s the second Shadows book, it’s the 6th installment in my By Moonlight shapeshifter series. The first four Moonlight books follow the same hero and heroine, and the Shadows books have branched out in that same world with their own unique couples. Fans looking for more Max and Charlotte will find them in the Shadows books as secondary characters. Although the repeating plot threads and characters are woven throughout all the books, readers have told me Seeker of Shadows stands alone without any problems, but a new reader may be compelled to have them all. Like that’s a bad thing? Betrayed by Shadows comes out 12/18/12 as a Pocket Star e-exclusive and I’m currently working on Prince of Shadows. Then, maybe, more Max and Charlotte.


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