Law And Order: Paranormal Style

In the paranormal criminal justice system, creatures are represented by various, yet equally important groups: Among them are the werewolves, vampires, witches and shifters. They investigate crime and prosecute the offenders. These are their stories.


Meet The Crime Fighter: Archer

What He Does: Member of the Bloodhound Guild

Where You’ll Find Him: In Archer’s Lady by Moira Rogers

Archer’s been accused of many things, but the one thing he most certainly is not is a traitor. Sent to the besieged frontier town of Crystal Springs to prove his loyalty to the Bloodhound Guild, he’s ready to prove his worth — especially to the pretty schoolteacher, Grace Linwood.

Today the author gives us a glimpse into the man who has dedicated his life to taking down the vampires that stalk the fine folk of the Wild West:

“Archer is certainly a man of his era — he's a good guy, but not above doing bad things if he has to. Along the border between the United States and the vampire-held Deadlands, the Bloodhound Guild is the law. They'll work with sheriffs and town government where they can, but no one who lives under the threat of vampire attack will risk crossing the Guild. If they refuse to obey a bloodhound during a current crisis, there's a chance no one from the Guild will show up when the vampires come back. And along the border, the vampires always come back.

There's only one constant in a bloodhound's life: violence. Their lives can be broken down into three basic activities: hunting for trouble, dealing with troublemakers and passing the new moon (and the lust it brings) with a friendly woman.”

- Moira Rogers


Meet The Crime Fighter: Tori Joseph

What She Does: Werewolf Liaison to the Council of Preternaturals

Where You’ll Find Her: In Secret of the Wolf by Cynthia Garner

With all those supernatural species running around out there, someone has to keep order. The Council of Preternaturals and Tori Joseph, a Werewolf Liaison, serve as the long arm of the law for their kind(s). When a string of otherworldly attacks begin to target humans, Tori and hunky detective Dante MacMillan are on the case.

Today author Cynthia Garner walks us through a day in the life of this fierce wolf:

“Tori Joseph is a werewolf and one of many liaisons to the Council of Preternaturals. She not only liaises between the council and other prets, she is also part of the law enforcement arm of the council. She is sent out to crime scenes that involve werewolves, either as the perpetrator or the victim, including those crimes involving humans. She investigates the crime scene, conducts witness interviews, makes sure that crime scene specialists are called, and continues the investigation (many times in conjunction with human authorities) until she has solved the case or it goes cold, just like human police detectives do.

There really is no such thing as a typical day for Tori. She may have several crimes she has to respond to over the course of her shift (and sometimes, if it's been a particularly brutal day she may be called in to help cover another shift), or if prets are behaving themselves (for once!), then she has a chance to catch up on paperwork, file reports, or continue working on older cases.”

- Cynthia Garner


Meet The Crime Fighter: Bonnie Torres

What She Does: Investigator with PUPI (Private, Unaffiliated, Paranormal Investigation)

Where You’ll Find Her: In Dragon Justice by Laura Anne Gilman

Investigator Bonnie Torres may have some kind of magical connection with her boss, Benjamin Venec, but that sometimes needs to take a back seat when she’s solving crime perpetrated by the paranormal. Her current case has her focusing on a string of murders.

Today, the author is on hand to detail what makes this tough-as-nails investigator tick:

“When I was creating PUPI, the one thing I knew was essential for each member was not genius-level brains, or a particularly high-res Talent, but determination, and an inner sense of … well, justice. Stosser created PUPI to ensure that those who used magic to do harm didn’t get to evade responsibility. To go against the magical community's 'above the law' status quo and dig out the truth … you have to believe in the cause, a hundred percent, all the way down to your core.

That’s Bonnie. Even when she didn’t know what she wanted out of life, or who she wanted to be when she eventually grew up, she knew that right and wrong might be areas of gray, but responsibility was a constant. And that’s her job: ferreting out who needs to be held responsible, no matter what that truth uncovers along the way. PUPs can’t look away: their job is to look all the way through, and at everything.

A typical day ... starts like most everyone else in NYC, with a commute to the office. Coffee. Maybe a street cart muffin. Then she’s either sent out on a case — in which case nothing is ‘typical’ — or she’s doing follow-up paperwork, trying to avoid Stosser’s plan to make her into a political schmoozer, or working in the lab.

Everyone on the team develops a specialization, the things they’re best at. For Bonnie, that’s labwork. She’s one of the best at creating cantrips, or spells, and then testing them until they’re solid enough for anyone on the team to use with a consistent result. Sometimes that means breaking down the magic down, trying to figure out how it works, sometimes that means putting teammates through their paces and testing the variables, sometimes it means things exploding in messy ways and having to evacuate the office until the fumes clear …

Current is a lot like science. You do it wrong until you get it right, and then you teach everyone else how to do it right. That’s Bonnie’s job.

Of course, after Dragon Justice, some of that’s going to change … ”

- Laura Anne Gilman

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