Learn How Kate Douglas' Hero Harnesses The Power Of Sexual Pleasure To Save An Alien Race

Author Kate Douglas may be known for the sexy Chankus from her Wolf Tales series, but her new series, Dream Catchers, is catching readers' attention and taking us in an entirely new direction. The first book, Dream Bound, follows Mac Dugan as he searches for Zianne. She's the Nyrian woman/alien who has taken over not only Mac's dreams and fantasies, but his heart as well. Zianne and her people feed on the power of sexual energy, but when she and the Nyrians become enslaved, Zianne must turn to Mac for help. Determined to build a mechanism powerful enough to free the Nyrians, Mac must a hire a crew of men and women whose voracious hunger for sex will generate the energy the Nyrians need. We were intrigued by Mac's ingenuity, and asked the character to tell us more about the mechanism and his crew's plan to save Zianne. 

Mac Dugan here. I’ll need to keep this short—DEO-MAP is ready to launch and time is of the essence—but I was asked to explain a few things. First of all, DEO-MAP is an acronym for Discovering Extraterrestrial Organisms through Mental Acuity Projection. A group of sickos have dubbed it “The God Project,” but it has nothing to do with religion.

In fact, the ultimate purpose of DEO-MAP has been a tightly guarded secret. For that I have to go back twenty years to when I was a grad student at a university in Silicon Valley where I met an amazing woman. Zianne was, quite literally, the woman of my dreams, though it took me a while to connect the dots. I eventually discovered the truth—she was an alien time traveler, a creature of pure energy who took corporeal form though the power of my sexual fantasies.

Hard to believe? You don’t know the best of it. She had come to me specifically, traveling back in time to convince me to develop the technology to save her people. She’s Nyrian, an almost immortal race who have been enslaved for eons by some really bad characters called Gar. As creatures of pure energy, Nyrians have been held as energy slaves on the Gar’s huge star cruiser. They’re the power source that runs the ship. I met Zianne in 1992, but it was 2012, Earth time, for her people. That’s right. Now. The Gar are currently in orbit behind our moon, preparing to attack Earth. Somehow Zianne found my mental signature in the past, decided I could do the job, and contacted me.

She had to slip back through time and return to the ship every day to reconnect with her soulstone. That’s how the Gar kept the Nyrians enslaved—by holding their soulstones hostage. Without them, Nyrians will die, though they can be away from the stones for a few hours. I don’t think our falling in love was part of Zianne’s equation, but that’s how it was. Four of the most amazing months of my life—until one day she didn’t come back.

She’d warned me this might happen, that her trips to see me might be discovered, but her disappearance spurred me on. I had to save her. I knew what would be twenty years for me was merely a few hours for Zianne. We’d worked out the time equation so I’d have a deadline, give or take a matter of hours. I knew I had almost exactly twenty years to develop the software, the technology and the theories that would allow me to rescue Zianne and the surviving Nyrians.

It’s cost twenty years of my life and over sixty million dollars, but the technology is in place, calibrations are set and we’re ready to go. And yeah, I’m damned impatient to get this show on the road. I haven’t been celibate the whole twenty years—I’m no monk—but it’s been damned close. I miss her. I miss what we had, what we should have in the future. A couple days ago I made the final selection of my dream team—six extraordinary young men and women who will help me bring Zianne back. The selection process was arduous, the criteria very specific, though even my team members aren’t aware of all the details. Not yet. They’ll find out when we get to the site.

All they know now is that they were selected for two very specific reasons: their inherent telepathic aptitude, and their ability to create and project explicit sexual fantasy. I know—it sounds weird, but that’s what Nyrians need. Zianne’s the one who explained that sexual fantasy produces the strongest energy in the known universe, and humans are especially good at it. Nyrians feed on energy—she found me, twenty years in the past, by locking on to my sexual fantasy. What can I say? I was a twenty-six year old guy with no time to date. Fantasy kept me sane. Well, that and my right hand, but we don’t need to go there.

But I’ve got my team and they’re a perfect match. We leave tomorrow for the site. Three men, three women, some gay, some bi, all wide open to sexual pleasure and the fantasy that goes with it. They’re my tools for saving Zianne and the few surviving members of her race. You’ll meet them between the pages of Dream Bound—Rodie Bishop, Lizzie Connor, Kiera Pearce, Cam Paisley, Finn O’Toole and Morgan Black. Three women, three men, all of them imperfectly perfect individuals. I know they’ve got what it takes. I know they’ll save Zianne.

I’ve got to go, but I’ve asked Kate Douglas to answer any questions you might have. She knows me, knows my story. She’s writing it all down, keeping track of what happens and compiling the details. If we succeed, our story will be an important part of Earth’s history.

If we don’t. Well, it really doesn’t matter. There won’t be anyone around to care about history. Not if the Gar succeed.

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