Lee Child Releases E-Original Jack Reacher Novella For $1.99

Fans of Lee Child's popular hero Jack Reacher should be sure to check out the author's first e-original novella "Second Son", which is available today. "Second Son" is on sale now for $1.99 and features an adventure from Jack Reacher's younger years.

Reacher, who is now an ex-military drifter, was first introduced in 1997 in Child's Killing Floor. The tough hero has been the main character of fifteen subsequent tales that follow him across America and around the world. These days legions of Reacher fans are eagerly awaiting a new full-length Reacher novel, The Affair, this September. 

However, "Second Son" is a perfect starting point for readers who are new to the series, as the short novella delves far into Reacher's past. Lee Child says the novella focuses on a time "... when [Reacher] was just a kid (right before he became a really BIG kid) and centers on a incident involving both his father, Stan, and his brother Joe, after his family moves to a new base on Okinawa." The story showcases the way that young Reacher was already protecting his family, and the hardships that he faced as they relocated whenever their father was stationed at a new military base.

You can download your own copy of "Second Son" now and for more for more e-book coverage stop by our Everything E-Book Page or if you are looking for genre news be sure to check out our Everything Mystery Page!

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