Liliana Hart Confesses Her Love For Dragons

Paranormal and Urban Fantasy lovers all have their favorite supernatural creature, whether it's werewolves, vampires, elves or something a little more exotic, readers can't deny the appeal of the unusual. For Liliana Hart, that creature is dragons. Today she shares how her love of the winged beasts inspired her latest love story, Breath of Fire.

Who isn’t fascinated by dragons? They’re mysterious creatures of lore — selfish and greedy, beautiful in their ferocity. And best of all, they’re dangerous.

When I set out to create Rena Drake, the heroine from Breath of Fire, I knew I wanted her to be different from other heroines. We’ve all read books about the tough chick who can fight with the best of them, but who lets her heart rule her actions in the end. I didn’t want that for Rena — at least not completely. I wanted her to really struggle with the small part of humanity that was in her blood. Her dragon nature is what calls to her, and her animal instincts are really what come to the surface. But she hates it. She hates that she doesn’t feel more, and as readers we want her to have that humanness she struggles to understand. We’re rooting for her to be more human.

Things like love and selflessness for those she cares about are foreign. Dragons don’t care for their families. They raise their children until they’re old enough to go out on their own. There’s no nurturing or familial support. They care about their hoards and the wealth they can accrue. They care about strength and where they fall in the hierarchy of power. But Rena wants more.

Then she meets Julian — her lifemate — and she has a whole new set of challenges. Dragon mating is determined by something much stronger than love — it’s determined by magic. Julian is the ultimate dragon. The most powerful of his kind. And he’s alpha male in every way. Unlike Rena, he’s almost pureblood dragon, so the human emotions are long buried. She finds herself wanting to sacrifice for him and wanting to love him, but getting him to feel the same is more of a challenge.

I love reading dragon lore, and as a reader there aren’t a ton of books out there that feature these incredible creatures, so I knew I had to write about them. In my world dragons wield magic and it’s a race where only the strong survive. The color of their scales tells their entire family lineage, and if your scale color isn’t what it should be it makes you an outcast. Power is the name of the game and there’s always a battle to see who’s going to come out on top.

In Breath of Fire, I definitely didn’t want to make things too easy on Rena. She’s an outcast and she’s mated to a man she’s never met and doesn’t love, but she has feelings for him caused by the mating. It makes it even harder when she suspects he might be the Destroyer of her people, like prophecy foretells, and by law she is required to kill him. The only problem is if she kills her lifemate, her own life is forfeit as well. It’s a double-edged sword for sure. You’ll have to read the book to see what happens.

- Liliana Hart

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