Lisa Renee Jones On Her New Hero, Sterling - With Giveaway!

This month author Lisa Renee Jones thrills readers with her paranormal romance series second, The Storm That Is Sterling. Today the author takes readers behind the scenes for a special look at the inspiration for her latest hero, Sterling Jeter. And then don't miss your chance to win a very special prize pack from the author at the end of the post.

Hello everyone and happy holidays! I love this time of year and I always find so many reasons to enjoy life during the holidays. Food, family, more food! Yes — I do love the food! 

This season I have a little something extra to celebrate and that is the release of The Storm That Is Sterling. One of the reasons I love this book, and this hero — Sterling — is that it’s his story of finding love, almost losing love, and then finding happiness despite the odds. After all, the holidays are a time for us to celebrate our gifts and, life and love are gifts in every possible way.

I also love that Sterling is a damaged hero that has felt a lot of pain in life but never lets it turn him to a callous, heartless person, which is often how people deal with pain. It’s easier to block people out, block out life and love, rather than dare to open yourself up to more pain. Sterling deals with his pain with humor. He hides beneath it, and because of that he is an entertaining character, that isn’t always known to hurt like he does. That is, until one woman can see through that all, and heal him.

I thought today I’d share the picture I used to motivate me to write Sterling and some of what I call "Sterlingisms".



Justin Hartley — aka Green Arrow from Smallville — was pinned on my wall while I was writing. I would cast him as Sterling in a heartbeat!


"We Renegades write our own rules. The good, bendable kind that let me kick your ass all over the curb and then do it again just for fun.” 

After being punched -- "Feels Good" 

“You don’t know the meaning of ‘wait,’ do you?” Caleb asked.
Sterling grinned. “You wouldn’t love me if I did.” 

“I’ll be taking that vial of ICE you got there in your pocket. Then you can mosey on along and take the rest of your lifetime on vacation. You know, do whatever retired drug dealers do. Play the casino tables. Watch SpongeBob for all I care. Just get the hell off my streets.”

“You’re the suit-wearing, talk-down-to-you, and then bust-your-wallet-in-the-balls, kind of asshole. I’m the dirty-boxing, back-alley kind of asshole.”

Sterling’s lips twisted with a wry taunt. “The next two bullets won’t hit the ground. Think of all those little bones in your feet blasted away by the steel force of a bullet.” He shook his head. “Ouch. That hurts just thinking about it. Even on an ICE high, that’s gonna bite like a bitch. After that, we’ll move upwards.” He pointed the gun at Mohawk’s knee. Then his thigh. Then shoved the gun toward his crotch. “About midway up is where all the fun starts. If I blow it off, will ICE grow it back? Wanna find out?”


Contest and prize time! So who would you cast as a favorite hero from a book? Share your favorite matchups with me in the comments below for your chance to win a prize basket filled with goodies! 

For an extra entry — read an excerpt of Sterling's story here and tell me you did in the comments!

- Lisa Renee Jones

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