Living In The Shadows

Author Ann Christopher gives readers a sneak peek at her first multicultural romantic suspense novel, Deadly Pursuit. Learn why her hero, Special Agent Jackson Parker, is trapped in the shadows of an un-ending nightmare. And be sure to check out the excerpt at the end of this post!

What would you do if a vengeful drug kingpin wanted you dead?

Would you leave your job, move to the other side of the country and change your name?

Would you live your life in the shadows?

What if he found you anyway?

Welcome to the world of Special Agent Jackson Parker, the hero of my first romantic suspense novel, Deadly Pursuit. A former marine, Jack had the misfortune of being part of the DEA task force that snared reputed drug lord Kareem Gregory for money laundering and sent him off to prison. At the time, Jack was proud of his team’s bravery and tenacity, thrilled to get a child-killing parasite like Gregory off the streets, and satisfied with the sacrifices he’d made for his career.

Now he knows better.

Because Gregory didn’t go quietly. He swore he’d make Jack pay, and he was better than his word. With one brutal slash, Gregory destroyed Jack’s life.

Now he’s back to take Jack’s life.

His conviction overturned on a technicality, Gregory is out on bail and free as a bird pending his retrial.  Which gives him the chance he needs to find and kill Jack before Jack can testify against him for a second time.

So Jack clings to the darkness and hides, biding his time until Gregory is sent back to prison for good, and lives by a single guiding principle: no more collateral damage in his war against this vicious criminal. 

All Jack wants to do is survive; happiness will never be an option for him—not as long as Gregory is alive

Until the day beautiful defense attorney Amara Clarke stumbles into the mess of Jack’s life.

Through no fault of her own, Amara is caught squarely in this killer’s crosshairs, and it’s Jack’s fault, which makes it his responsibility to protect her. With his life, if necessary. 

Above all else, Jack vows not to succumb to his growing feelings for this fascinating woman. As much as it hurts him to face the truth, the sad fact will never change:

There’s no place for Amara in Jack’s life. And there never will be.

At least, that’s what Jack thinks…

- Ann Christopher

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