Logan Belle on Last Chance Romance: When a Heroine Hits Close to Home

Sure, we all love to read about twentysomethings looking for love, but what about the rest of us? What about when life gets tough? Do we turn to books for escape — or for hope? Today erotic romance author Logan Belle is here to talk about her wake-up call, and the book that it inpsired.

The heroines in my erotic romances typically offer me a bit of escape from my every day life. They are young women in their twenties, at a stage where everything is in front of them: all their mistakes, all their accomplishments. Life is a long road that has yet to unfold. Love, sex and romance are all new to them.

This summer, I was in the middle of writing a novel about an NYU college student when reality intruded. I was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer. It was a reminder that while it’s fun to write about twenty-something women discovering love for the first time, I am a forty-something woman who experiences love and sex from a very different perspective. And I suspected I could no longer resist writing about that. 

Meanwhile, I was scheduled to do a reading at an erotic reading salon in Philadelphia. The problem was, because of my diagnosis, I had never felt less interested in talking about, reading about or even thinking about sex. But I showed up, and I am so thankful that I did. The first reader to take the mic was a woman in her nineties. Her erotic story was witty, poignant and hilarious. Listening to her, looking at her, I realized that our joys and challenges with romance and sexuality never stop. It is a longer road than I imagined, and hearing her unexpected and inspiring story cemented the idea of creating a different type of heroine.

A week after my surgery, I began writing Now or Never. Even though I was still in the middle of another book, I had to put it aside. The urgency I felt to write about a woman in her forties — a woman who faces a bump in the road but who still believes in love — was the strongest creative drive I’d ever felt. In Now or Never, Claire is a single mom who has always put other people before herself. When her son goes off to college, she finally has time to start dating, but a health crisis makes her realize she might have waited too long for romance. She starts thinking about all of the things she’d never done, the part of her life she’d put on hold. And she creates a sexual bucket list. With the clock ticking and a sexy wingman by her side, Claire finds the nerve to actually attempt her ‘now or never’ list of fantasies and, along the way, discovers her chance for true love.

Now or Never is the first in a series I’m calling Last Chance Romances. My hope is that this series will inspire readers the way I was inspired by the erotic reading salon. I want to celebrate the idea that while love and sex might begin in our late teens or early twenties, it certainly doesn’t end there — not in romance novels, and not in real life. Finding love and passion might not always be easy, but it’s never too late.

- Logan Belle

Ready to take a chance? Now or Never is available now at your favorite e-tailer. And for more romantic stories, for heroines at every age, be sure to visit our Everything Romance page.