Los Angeles Times Publishes E-book Based On A Real Crime

The Los Angeles Times has published their first e-book, A Nightmare Made Real, based on staff writer Christopher Goffard’s popular series of articles about Louis Gonzalez III, a Las Vegas man accused of kidnapping, torturing, and sexually abusing the mother of his child.

Expanded from Goffard's original series of articles, the book provides an in depth look at the investigating detective and the defense teem, a more complete examination of the evidence from the case and also how the author, Goffard, was tipped off about the story. Offering an expansive survey of this gritty murder case, A Nightmare Made Real is ideal for any fan of true crime stories.

This book marks the first in the LA Times’ venture into digital publishing, and the company plans on releasing between eight and ten new titles digitally within the upcoming year. The books will range in length and type, from recipe anthologies to Pulitzer Prize-winning journalism.

Times editor Russ Stanton believes, "E-books offer an exciting opportunity to take The Times’ world-class journalism and present it as a different reading experience," and we couldn’t agree more. Rather than paying for a full digital subscription, which many major newspapers such as the New York Times are now implementing, readers can experience the best the publication has to offer by selecting from an assortment of e-books.

Readers can pick up a copy of A Nightmare Made Real for $0.99 through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and iBooks, and all subsequent releases will be available via the LA Times Bookstore, opening soon.