Lost Work By Charlotte Bronte Has Been Re-Discovered

Amazing news, classic literature lovers. An early work by author Charlotte Bronte that was presumed lost for the ages has just been re-discovered at a Belgium museum. A Bronte expert named Brian Bracken uncovered the short story at the Musee Royal de Mariemonte. The story was last heard of in 1913, so this is truly an incredible find.

Titled “L’Ingratitude”, the Bronte piece is a short story about a young rat that heads off to the countryside for an adventure and meets a dark end. The story is written in basic French and is thought to be the first piece of homework the author ever did for her tutor Contstantin Heger. (This is the same tutor that Charlotte fell in — unrequited — love with, and the relationship would inspire several of her stories, particularly Villette.)

The re-discovered short story is now available online at the London Review of Books. There you can read the story in its original French, see a picture of the manuscript and of course, read the complete text as it is translated into English. The site also hosts a letter from the expert who uncovered the tale and an audio version of the tale!

We want to know: Which classic author’s lost works would you love to be re-discovered?