Love And Other Games: Romance at the Winter Olympics

Athletes are hot. There, we said it. It's no secret, really, what with their well-toned bodies, confidence and skill on the field or wherever else they display their speed and agility. Sports romances have quickly amassed a devoted following with readers, so when Swoon Romance released their Love and Other Games anthology, featuring New Adult short stories set at the Winter Olympics, we were more than a little excited to read it. Today, Aria Kane, who contributed "The Girl Behind the Gold", which was one of our reviewer's favorites, offers up her view on why athletes and the Olympics make for a potent combination. Take it away, Aria!

The Winter Olympics. The World Stage.

Nearly 3000 of planet Earth's most elite athletes living, eating, sleeping within a few square miles.

A fraction of a second can literally change a person's entire life. A slip of the foot can end a person's career. Dreams live and die on the edge of a blade. Every single day is home to hundreds of make-or-break moments. Most of them break, but we mainly remember the ones that make it.

Athletes from all over the world are willing to risk everything to get what they want.  Emotions are so high that even the people sitting on their couches halfway across the world are clutching the armrest, fighting back tears as they swallow the lump in their throat, and leaping into the air when that jump is landed flawlessly. If a favorite loses, an entire country feels it like a stab to their own hearts. If they win? "We won the gold." "We are the champions."

This is a romance author's playground. This is how we see it: Tight young bodies. Sexy, exotic accents. Heroes being made. Emotions boiling and bursting from every seam. Lives being irreversibly altered, for better or for worse.

The Olympics fester with romantic possibilities. It's an emotional powder keg and lit matches rain down like a Russian blizzard. And whatever happens, their lives are changed forever. The people they share that experience with are bound to take over a special place in their hearts....

- Aria Kane

With the Winter Olympics in full swing, now is the perfect time to purchase your copy of Love and Other Games, available now from your favorite online retailers! And for more New Adult books, buzz and authors, visit our Everything Young Adult Page!