For The Love Of A Brother...

In this month's The Vengeful Bridegroom, author Kit Donner traps her latest historical heroine, Madelene, in a marriage of convenience — her brother's convenience! Madeline must wed a stranger to save her brother, but the arrangement is only supposed to be for one month ... Get Madelene's take on her unfortunate situation and then learn what the author would do when faced with a similiar dilemma today. And don't miss the EXCERPT at the end of the post!

Unbelievable. Unconscionable. If only there were some other recourse. Marriage to a complete stranger in three days! I will own he seems to have everything worked out, every detail-- the husband, the church, the date, and afterwards, living in Scotland. I can hardly bring myself to believe my brother has landed himself in such a muddle. I am the sacrificial lamb. All to prevent him from imprisonment or worse, if he cannot pay his debts. It is only the two of us, after father’s passing. Matthew has always needed me; I cannot let him down, not in this moment of great calamity. So little recourse with no money and no rich relatives from whom we could borrow the necessary funds. Even selling our town house is not a solution. Apparently, he has pawned my jewelry and lost my dowry whilst gambling. I could borrow the money from someone—but I could never guarantee when I could repay them. No, it is the only quick answer we need. I’ll marry this complete stranger, and in a month, my brother has assured me, we will be able to gain an annulment. I pray he has not guided me false.

Poor Madelene. She really does have little choice in the matter. What would I do confronted with this same dilemma? I have as much love for my brothers as she does for hers, and I know I would do anything to help them in their hour of need. But marry a complete stranger? With no clear way out? No easy annulment, as she believes. What would I do if I needed a lot of money in a very short period of time? Gambling wouldn’t work because I have no idea how card tables work. I would hate to use my credit card. Definitely not an option. Invent a social network? Someone already had that idea. Appear on a reality show? I hate to cook, and I have no interest in living on a deserted beach without running water on “Survivor.” So what’s left? Writing a best seller. It can be done.

- Kit Donner

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