Love Conquers All In Regency England

Two penniless misses meet their match in Regency England in this month's Harlequin Historicals. Although both Helene and Beatrice are worried about their futures, things may not be so bleak after they've won the attention of Max and Julius. But will these relationships be able to survive the challenges ahead?

In An Innocent Debutant in Hanover Square by Anne Herries, the well-mannered miss Helene Henderson worries that the venerable Lord Maximus Coleridge will feel he can not marry her after he learns of her lower class heritage. However, it turns out that there are much more dangerous problems stalking Max — he's in the crosshairs of an assassin! But this handsome lord won't let anything, not questionable lineage or life-threatening incidents, keep him away from the woman who has stolen his heart.

And then find out why our reviewer said that in Helen Dickson's Beauty in Breeches, "Readers will fall in love with Beatrice, a regency outcast filled with wit and a desire to gain independence." In this story, the impoverished but high-spirited Beatrice sets out to win back her ancestral home from Marquess Julius Chadwick — the dastardly man who won the estate in a bet with Beatrice's father. The miss tricks Julius into wagering his hand in marriage in a horse race, which she promptly wins. But once Beatrice gets a chance to know Julius, could it be possible that this seemingly heartless man has a good soul?

You can check out the *Web Exclusive Reviews* of these two new historical romances and then you can download your own copies of An Innocent Debutant in Hanover Square by Anne Herries and Beauty in Breeches by Helen Dickson available now!