Love Heals In July's Harlequin Medical Romances

Dark and troubled pasts haunt the characters of all four of this month’s Harlequin Medical Romances. These men and women have lost people they’ve loved, suffered from abuse and endured traumas that have soured them on romance. But this month these medical professionals will only get their happily ever afters if they are able to overcome their pasts!


When One Night Isn't Enough 
By Wendy S. Marcus

Nurse Allison was a troubled teen who looked for love in all the wrong places. Although she is all grown up, her promiscuous past behavior has her convinced that she can never be in a healthy relationship. Will Doctor Jared be able to change her mind?

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Virgin Midwife, Playboy Doctor
By Margaret McDonagh

Chloe survived an abusive childhood to become a respected a midwife in the town of Penhally Bay. When Doctor Oliver comes to town and tries to woo this shy country girl with sweet romance will Chloe be able to overcome the scars of her past? 

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Harry St. Claire: Rogue Or Doctor?
By Fiona McArthur

Outreach Nurse Bonnie doesn't expect anything more than a vacation romance when she meets Doctor Harry in Bali. However, the power of her love melts the ice that formed around this doctor's heart when his wife and child died. Now can these two caregivers turn their brief romance into something that will last a lifetime?

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Flirting With the Society Doctor
By Janice Lynn

Neurologist Faith has been scarred by her mother's multiple failed marriages and now hates weddings. But when the delicious Doctor Vale invites her to his cousin's nuptials, Faith is unable to turn him down. Will the love that blooms between them convince Faith that she has a chance at her own happily ever after?

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We hope you enjoy these tales of doctors and nurses who overcome emotional hardship in order to find love!