Lucky 13: Our Most Anticipated Erotic Romance Books Coming in 2013

With a new year comes resolutions, new beginnings and best of all ... new books! This month we'll be sharing thirteen titles across the genres we're looking forward to in 2013, continuing with erotic romance releases! So just in case your TBR list wasn't already a mile long, here are a dozen (plus one!) erotic romance titles we're anticipating in 2013:


Rush by Maya Banks

Releases February 2013

From historical romance to romantic suspense and erotica, Maya Banks knows romance. And there’s nothing more indulgent than one of Banks’ outstanding erotic romances. Thankfully, we have her new series starter Rush to look forward to this year! Readers can expect more of Banks’ signature strong alpha males in her new Breathless trilogy, including Rush hero Gabe Hamilton, a hotel mogul who is dominant when it comes to both business and pleasure. When he sees his best friends’ younger sister, Mia Crestwell, for the first time in years, Gabe has to make her his, even if it means drawing up a contract to have her as both his assistant and his submissive.


It Stings So Sweet by Stephanie Draven

Releases February 2013

Stephanie Draven offers erotica readers something fresh with her upcoming anthology It Stings So Sweet, a compilation of three intertwined sensual stories set during the Roaring 20s. According to RT reviewer Jaysen Scott, these stories are incredibly sexy and “the balance of sin and sweetness is as perfect as a Prohibition cocktail.” With alluring heroines ranging from a dazzling movie star involved with an irresistible pilot to a shop girl who winds up in a steamy affair, Draven’s debut erotic romance is definitely on our radar.



Hot Ticket by Olivia Cunning

Releases February 2013

Olivia Cunning’s third Sinners on Tour book piqued our interest because in this tale the author pairs a tormented rock star with a female dominatrix — a seemingly unlikely match. Bassist Jace Seymour is seeking relief from the memories of his disturbing past and believes the only thing that can get rid of his emotional pain is physical pain, so he seeks the help of professional Domme Aggie. Initially his time spent in Aggie’s dungeon is strictly professional, but he soon realizes that the woman can offer more than the distraction pain provides. But will Aggie be up for the challenge of helping Jace heal?



Thrown by A Curve by Jaci Burton 

Releases March 2013

If you’re a fan of Burton’s Play by Play series, chances are you already have the author’s March release pre-ordered. (And maybe the smoking hot book cover is your screensaver. In which case, we totally understand.) The series so far has followed the sports-oriented Riley family on their quests to find love, and this time sports therapist Alicia is getting her story. When she’s assigned to work on star baseball pitcher Garrett Scott, she knows Garrett’s rehabilitation after a serious shoulder injury could make or break his career. But what she doesn’t know is that behind Garrett’s stubborn personality is a sweet, caring man that just may be the one for Alicia. 


King Cobra by Jayne Rylon

Releases April 2013

Jayne Rylon is kicking off her new Hot Rods series this year with King Cobra, and have you seen that cover? It features not one, but SEVEN different hunky mechanics. We can only assume this means good things for the story. Like Rylon’s Powertools series, these men aren’t afraid to get down and dirty — especially with each other! Probably because protagonists Eli and Alanso got a taste of polyamory after visiting the Powertools crew. Both men fantasize about sharing another woman, and when Eli catches Alanso with an alluring woman, it might just be time to make that fantasy a reality. 


Hard Way by Katie Porter

Releases April 2013

Set in Las Vegas, Katie Porter’s Top Guns series follows a group of Air Force pilots with various kinky curiosities. This year the writing duo will be pushing boundaries with Hard Way, which tells the story of Captain Liam “Dash” Christiansen, whose heart is shattered when his wife Sunny suddenly announces she wants a divorce. Unable to cope with her decision, Liam asserts his feelings with Sunny with complete possession over her body, and the two are shocked to have found a shared kink that may save their marriage — extremely rough, borderline violent sex. Readers who find simulated rape to be unnerving may want to skip this one, but we’re eager to see how the authors handle this controversial subject. 


Taken by a Vampire by Joey W. Hill

Releases May 2013

The mistress of paranormal erotic romance returns with the ninth in her Vampire Queen series. Alanna was born and bred to be an obedient Inherited Servant to the world’s most powerful vampires. But when she betrays her destiny, her life is on the line and she must go into hiding. Seeking protection from vampire guardian Evan, Alanna will use her erotic training to find a place in his world. Yet despite her experience,  there’s still a thing or two Evan and his male servant Niall can teach Alanna — about the art of pleasure, and also some lessons in love. 


Entwined With You by Sylvia Day 

Releases May 2013

After being pushed back to May, fans are eagerly awaiting the third installment in Sylvia Day’s bestselling Crossfire series. Readers will finally get Gideon Cross’ story, and after the mixed messages he sent Eva (although understandably so) in Reflected in You, readers are anxious to understand the pain and abuse this secretive billionaire endured as a child. And perhaps more importantly — will he finally ask Eva to be his forever? Gideon and Eva have been through hell and back in their short time together, and in what is the final Crossfire chapter, we will finally discover if the couple’s rocky road will lead to happiness. 


Ours to Love by Shayla Black

Releases May 2013

With 2012’s Mine to Hold nominated for an RT Reviewers Choice Award for Best Erotic Romance, we’re anxious for Black’s next passionate Wicked Lovers tale. When billionaire Santiago brothers Xander and Javier are brought together after the murder of Javier’s wife, Xander thinks the best thing to lift his brother’s spirits is a trip to Louisiana, where they meet the alluring London McLane, who is also looking for a new start. But the killer who took Javier’s wife’s life is following them, and London’s life is on the line. Luckily for her, Xander and Javier are willing to do anything to keep their woman out of harm’s way.



Eyes Wide Open by Raine Miller

Releases Spring 2013

If you couldn’t get enough of Ethan Blackstone in Naked and All In, fear not, because you’ll get more of this London businessman in the third Blackstone Affair book, releasing sometime this spring. If you haven’t tried this series yet and dominant businessmen (think Christian Grey meets Gideon Cross) are your idea of the perfect erotic romance hero, you definitely need to give these books a shot. In book three, Ethan is still trying to work out his relationship with American art student Brynne Bennett. But good things don’t always come easy, and sometimes love needs an extra push to get moving in the right direction. 


“The Seduction Hypothesis” by Delphine Dryden

Releases July 2013

A follow-up to “The Theory of Attraction,” a novella about a woman finding love — and BDSM — with the geeky boy next door, this 2013 novella will feature the same kink, but this time set at a comic convention! Right now that’s all we can tell you about the plot, but can we mention how excited we are? It’s very rare that the RT editors, with our various tastes and preferences, often all enjoy a story so much, but “The Theory of Attraction” was such a fun, sexy novella that we have high hopes for “The Seduction Hypothesis.”


The Mistress by Tiffany Reisz 

Releases August 2013

After the cliffhanger ending of The Prince, fans of Reisz’s Original Sinners series are clamoring for The Mistress. What will happen to famed erotica author and dominatrix Nora Sutherlin, and more importantly, which man will she choose? The sweet, vanilla Wesley who has stolen her heart, or pious, dominant Søren, the man who has owned it since she was a teen? No matter which man you’re rooting for, we have no doubt that the last book in Reisz’s Red Years Quartet will contain a surprise or two (or three).


Drawn Together by Lauren Dane

Releases November 2013

If you’ve been following Lauren Dane’s Brown Siblings series, then you’ll be happy to learn Raven is finally getting her own book! There’s no word yet on who the hero is, but readers might remember Raven as bad boy Brody’s friend from Coming Undone. Although Raven might be a polarizing character for some (was she really trying to keep Elise and Brody apart?), we’re definitely glad Dane is continuing this series!


Which erotic romance stories are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments! And you can always find the latest genre news and coverage on our Everything Erotica Page.