Lucky 13: Our Most Anticipated Science Fiction And Fantasy Books Coming in 2013

With a new year comes resolutions, new beginnings and best of all ... new books! This month we'll be sharing thirteen titles across the genres we're looking forward to in 2013, continuing with science fiction and fantasy releases! So just in case your TBR list wasn't already a mile long, here are a dozen (plus one!) sci fi and fantasy titles we're anticipating in 2013:


The Mad Scientist's Guide to World Domination edited by John Joseph Adams

Releases February 2013

This anthology is packed with out-of-this-world stories from fan favorite authors including Seanan McGuire, Harry Turtledove, Naomi Novik, Mary Robinette Kowal, Marjorie M. Liu and more. Praised as " ... hilarious, heartbreaking and wonderfully wacky ... " by RT editor Regina Small, who gave the book a Top Pick! rating, we have no doubt that this stellar collection is the perfect way to kick off 2013.


Shattered Pillars by Elizabeth Bear

Releases March 2013

The second in Bear's Eternal Sky trilogy hits shelves this year (If you missed book 1,  Range of Ghosts, check out 5 things you need to know about the book) and if you're new to epic fantasy and looking to dive into a series, Bear's trilogy is a great place to start. About a young soldier who escapes his war-ridden land and hides in exile, only to meet an alluring former princess, Range of Ghosts was nominated for a 2012 RT Award for Best Epic Fantasy. And there's still time to get caught up before book 2 releases in March!


River of Stars by Guy Gavriel Kay

Releases April 2013

Guy Gavriel Kay's historical fantasies are absolutely stunning. A follow up to his 2010 release Under Heavenwhich earned our rare Gold rating, River is Stars is set in the same re-imagined China four hundred years later. We have been ever so patiently waiting for this book (in fact, we were so excited we first reported on it last May) and it wouldn't be much of an exaggeration if we told you that we'll be spending the next three months continuously watching this video of the author talking about River of Stars.


Blood of Dragons by Robin Hobb

Releases April 2013

Fantasy author Hobb soars into 2013 with the final installment in her Rain Wilds series, and we have a feeling this author is ending it with a bang. With the help of human keepers and dragon Tintaglia, her Elderlings have traveled far to reach the lost city of Kelsingra, where it's rumored that silver wells will prevent the dragon race from extinction. In Hobb's series finale, the clan will learn once and for all if they're capable on unlocking the secret that could save their lives.


London Falling by Paul Cornell

Releases April 2013

If you're a Doctor Who fan, there's nothing we can tell you about this book that you probably don't already know. Not only has Cornell written for the BBC television series, but he penned several tie-in novels for the universe. (Or should we say Whoniverse?) Fans of Cornell's work are clamoring for his third non tie-in novel, London Falling, a paranormal crime story about a detective investigating the murder of London's most sought-after criminal and the supernatural force behind his crimes.


The Human Division by John Scalzi

Releases May 2013

Scalzi is returning to the universe he created in Old Man's War with his 2013 release The Human Division. Calling this a novel might be a stretch, as the author defines it as an "episodic narrative" on his blog. The story will initially be released as several episodes, starting this month and continuing through April. All of the episodes will then be collected and printed as one hardcover collection, to be release in May. For those unfamiliar with Scalzi's fascinating space-set series, grab yourself a copy of Old Man's War and the three other books set in this world: The Ghost Brigades, The Last Colony and Zoe's Tale and get ready for the adventure to begin!


The Rithmatist by Brandon Sanderson 

Releases May 2013

With the finale of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series upon us, it's time for Brandon Sanderson, who co-authored the last few books in the long-running fantasy series, to move on to a new project. Cue Sanderson's 2013 novel The Rithmatist, which sounds like a promising start to his new YA epic fantasy series. Set in the American Isles, life is threatened by created known as Wild Chalklings, 2D drawings that can be brought to life by Rithmatists. Young Joel dreams of possessing this special power, but because he is not one of the Chosen, he can only look on with envy — until Rithmatist students start mysteriously disappearing!


The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman

Releases June 2013

We've already chatted about the newly revealed, gorgeous cover of Neil Gaiman's first full-length adult story in six years, but if you're a fan, you know the hype around this title is well-deserved based on the author's current repertoire of stories. The Ocean and the End of the Lane will have many of the signature elements of a Gaiman story: a young female protagonist, non-human characters and a story set in two distinct worlds. And we bet it's safe to say this tale will be well worth the wait!


Emperor of Thorns by Mark Lawrence

Releases August 2013

Lawrence will be finishing up his epic trilogy about one man's journey from youth to adulthood with Emperor of Thorns. This dark, often violent series has been praised thus far by RT reviewer Debbie Haupt, who claims "Lawrence’s dialogue is masterful in its horrific beauty and enhanced by the narrative," but warns that "The Broken Empire books must be read in proper order to understand and enjoy this amazing narrative." So if you haven't picked up the first two books yet, we know what you'll be doing between now and August!


Codex Born by Jim C. Hines 

Releases August 2013

Jim C. Hines' 2012 fantasy series starter Libriomancer — about a gifted mage with the ability to bring objects from books to life — made it's way on to RT editors Elisa and Regina's Best Books of 2012 lists. Fans of this author's witty, explosive writing will be pleased to know that the sequel, Codex Born, is on it's way. Wood nymph heroine Lena graces the cover, so here's hoping we get more of her story — and her relationships — in book two.


Blood of Tyrants by Naomi Novik

Releases August 2013

Like the Napoleonic Wars themselves, Naomi Novik's popular Temeraire series must come to an end. And while the series makes its way closer to the ninth and final book, we still have book eight to look forward to this year. Temeraire, her fellow dragons and the soldiers who make up the Aerial Corps continue to fight for Her Majesty in this alternative history tale about a re-imagined Napoleonic Wars. (Psst ... Have you heard? Peter Jackson showered interest in turning Temeraire into a film! He talks about it in an interview here.)


Doctor Sleep by Stephen King

Releases September 2013

Heeeeeeere's Johnny! Or more like the sequel to Stephen King's popular novel The Shining (of which, the timeless horror flick of the same name is based on). Doctor Sleep tells the story of an adult Dan Torrance, the boy protagonist from The Shining, who must save a young girl from a group of dangerous paranormals who feed off of children who have the "shining." You can read more about the sequel, and watch a video of King reading an excerpt of Doctor Sleep, here.


The Winds of Winter by George RR Martin 

Releases (maybe) in 2013

Ok, this one is a bit of a stretch, but don't say you're not excited for the next chapter in George R.R. Martin's epic Song of Ice and Fire series. The estimated release date for book six is 2015, but there are rumors that The Winds of Winter may hit shelves at the very end of this year. Winter is coming, but not soon enough for anxious fans!


Which sci fi or fantasy story are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments! And you can always find the latest genre news and coverage on our Everything Science Fiction & Fantasy Page.