Magazine Extras: Cowboy Alien Smackdown!

In anticipation of the summer 2011 release of Jon Favreau's Cowboys & Aliens, starring Harrison Ford, Daniel Craig, Olivia Wilde and Keith Carradine, we asked our (admittedly biased) cowboy experts from our May issue article “Love, American Style” who’d win in a cowboys vs. aliens battle.

Sarah McCarty, author: Cowboys, cause they'd want it more. They have to save the day, it's their job!

Susan Litman, editor, Harlequin Special Edition: It depends on the cowboys, it depends on the aliens. If you are talking about a movie, I'm on Daniel Craig's team.

Linda Lael Miller, author: Cowboys, definitely, for the same reasons the British didn't win the Revolutionary War: Cowboys are familiar with the terrain. They'd win unless you killed them all, because even if one was left, he'd carry on.

Stacy Boyd, senior editor, Harlequin Desire: Aliens. Thinking on a practical level, with all the technology and weapons, they'd be superior.

Kimberly Kaye Terry, author: If you're romanticizing it, cowboys would win. In reality, aliens. But I think the real question is, what about an alien cowboy?

Carla Cassidy, author: Oh, a cowboy. In almost any situation, a cowboy would come out on top. It's a matter of breeding, they come from good American stock.

Kathleen Scheibling, senior editor, Harlequin American Romance: Cowboys would give it the most heart. I'd put my money on the cowboy.

C.H. Admirand, author: Cowboys, because they fight dirty when they have to.

Keyren Gerlach, associate editor, Harlequin Romantic Suspense: My 6-year-old nephew is really into aliens right now, but for me, it'd be a cowboy. Those are the heroes I tend to fall in love with.

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