Magazine Extras: Cowboy Comments!

In May, we ran a feature on contemporary cowboys and asked readers to tell us what they love about modern-day cowpokes. The incentive? A pack of western love stories by series and single-title authors! Now that the hunk-filled movie, Cowboys and Aliens, is coming to theaters this weekend, we want to share the comments from our contest winners (and a few runners-up).


What I love about contemporary cowboys is that they bring back a feeling of foundation, strength, something that in my day-to-day life feels so rushed and washed out. Reading about contemporary cowboys reminds me to slow down, choose my battles and to be strong in the face of adversity. Most of all, it reminds me that at the end of the day, love and honor are what I want to sleep with.

- Dulcie B.

I love modern-day cowboys because they are the last real men in America and our last link to our adventurous past.

- Riccarla R.

I love modern-day cowboys because they still follow a code of honor.

- Laura P.

Personally, I love a well-written cowboy novel simply because as a hero, the cowboy represents the honor and integrity so often missing in today's society. Fortunately, we also see them as tall, dark, handsome and sensitive as well so that helps! 

- Mickey M.

I love a good modern-day cowboy story because, in this time of gender neutral “everything,” you can’t beat a book with a real manly man as the hero.

- Laura W.

Contemporary cowboys— What can you say? Tight jeans, muscles, fitted T-shirts, muscles, cowboy boots, muscles and a tan .... WOW!

 - Brenda C. 


I adore modern cowboys because of their hard working ethic. They're not scared to get dirty and sweaty either.

- Jody F.

I like contemporary cowboys because they are sexy, grownup Boy Scouts. They have lovely manners, love their mamas and have accents to swoon for. All that hard work keeps them in fine shape too!

- Stacie D.

Gotta love those modern-day cowboys with their nice manners and all-American hearts. The way they fit into their Wranglers is a plus too!

- Stephenia D.

I enjoy stories with modern-day cowboys, because it’s such an iconic connection to our nation’s history. 

- Kim C.

Love contemporary cowboys because they are a great example of hard workers.

- Tia K.

To me, there is a timeless appeal of cowboys that links us to the past, present and future that I find attractive. Cowboys have always been around in all of our stories that we learn as children and read about as adults. The idea of cowboy inspires visions of men working hard — whether it is the land, producing, growing, tending to animals and of course their woman too. It helps the type of clothing they wear to inspire sexy fantasies! A cowboy in profile with his hat tipped down, glancing at you — good stuff!

- Anya Z.

Contemporary cowboys have to have “patience” for things to come to fruition, “passion” for what they do, “muscle” to back up what they believe, a “tradition” they want to carry on, “pride” in their heritage, “knowledge” that they may be a dying breed and “faithfulness” to their love. Linda Lael Miller and Sarah McCarty write stories with all of these elements and more. Keep those cowboys coming!

- Sue E. 

I love contemporary cowboy books. I grew up reading Zane Grey and Louis L’Amour books. Since I have grown up, I enjoy a little more romance with my cowboys and the new genre fits the bill.

- Becky S.

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