Magazine Extras: Father & Son Michael And Daniel Palmer Interview Each Other

Father and son Michael Palmer and Daniel Palmer are both thriller authors and both have books releasing this February. In the latest issue of RT BOOK REVIEWS they interviewed each other for the article “Father Knows Best?” Today we bring you two never before seen questions (and answers).


Michael: I remember when you started playing in bands after college. During the day you had some of the most heinous jobs imaginable. Could you tell us about some of them? 

Daniel: Let’s see … I used to play guitar and hand out leaflets for lunchtime harbor cruises dressed as pirate. Business people would often try to kick my peg leg out from underneath me. I opened and closed a juice bar, and then auctioned off the remnants of Juicy Juice when my business partner failed to pay his storage warehouse bill. Oh, did I mention that I used to work in that storage warehouse? Worst of all, though, was the Barmuda Triangle, a college dive where I tended bar and which was so cash strapped, a repo man from our vending machine company once carted away the sanitary napkin dispenser. That was a real low point for me. 


Daniel: You have been writing for many years. Is there any part of the craft that comes more easily now than when you first started? 

Michael: When I first began, I was virtually a blank slate as far as creative writing was concerned. I had never even taken a course on the subject. But I had the discipline honed by years of memorization and study in med school, and I had a strong background in reading and writing about fiction. And best of all, I had, as it turned out, a powerful imagination and a deeply ingrained sense of what was dramatic. In 1980, my agent purposely sold my book, The Sisterhood, to the late Linda Gray at Bantam, a legendary editor she knew would be gentle and patient in teaching me how to channel my wild imagination into a novel. Over the years, I have learned to edit myself — to do many of the things that Linda at first did for me; to recognize when I need to create another point of view; to rein myself in when my writing is becoming pretentious and self-serving, and when I am becoming mentally lazy.

You can learn more about Michael and Daniel Palmer by checking out the latest issue of RT BOOK REVIEWS. And be sure to look for Daniel Palmer’s Helpless on February 1, and Michael Palmer’s Oath of Office on February 14. For more genre coverage and a look at all the latest releases, stop by RT’s Everything Mystery Page