Mainstream Book Recommendations: July 2013

More often than not, people find themselves face-to-face with situations, feelings and people they never expected to crash into. These collisions often lead to momentous decisions and alter a person for better or worse. Dive into this month’s selection of mainstream fiction titles where worlds collide in eight exhilarating tales of loss, family, and love.

Told in alternating points-of-view in the past and present, The House of Tides by Hannah Richell is a powerful story about soon-to-be mother Dora Tide and her journey in making amends with her estranged family. This emotionally gripping story will enchant readers with its delicate mystery and family secrets. The past and present continue to collide in Amanda James’ time-traveling tale, A Stitch in Time, where recently divorced Sarah Yates is offered the chance to become a time traveler by the handsome John Needler, a man she quickly grows to like. Set with the task to save lives to produce a better future, Sarah whisks through time, all the while hoping to spend a moment or two more with John. As Sarah tries to change the past, identical twins Isolt and Viola find themselves struggling to confront their pasts and the tragedy that separated them as children in Saskia Sarginson’s The Twins.

While the past and present tango with each other, joy and tragedy collide in these next titles. In Sweet Nothings by Janis Thomas, Ruby Miller’s life is falling apart. Her bakery isn’t doing too well, her mortgage is less than good, and, oh yeah, her husband posts his plans to divorce her for another woman on Facebook. Just when Ruby thinks she has nothing left, she sets aside her carefully constructed plan for life and begins living in a new, carefree way, leading to new successes and love. Meanwhile, in First Sight, reader-favorite Danielle Steel introduces us to divorcee and fashion entrepreneur Timmie O’Neill and her growing relationship with Jean-Charles Vernier, the attractive French doctor treating her appendicitis. The problem is he’s still married. Will Timmie and Jean-Charles find their happy ending, or will Timmie go back to her short-term relationships? In Taylor Jenkins Reid’s Forever, Interrupted, Elsie Ross faces the ultimate tragedy of her husband dying in a terrible accident. At the hospital, Elsie meets her mother-in-law for the first time and as the two of them grow closer, they discover that sometimes happiness can come from sadness.

Last, but not least, readers will discover what happens when big cities and small towns come together in our last picks of the month. Mia March’s Finding Colin Firth finds the lives of three women intersecting as they set off to unearth family secrets, find new success, and, ultimately, track down Colin Firth, who is supposedly in their town filming a new movie! In The Irresistible Blueberry Bakeshop and Cafe, Mary Simses takes readers from New York City to Beacon, Maine with protagonist Ellen Branford as she travels to fulfill her grandmother’s dying wish of delivering a letter to a man in Beacon. Along the way, Ellen meets different locals and finds herself in the middle of some precarious situations!

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