Mainstream Book Recommendations: March 2013

Relationships can be tricky. Whether you are navigating family dynamics, dealing with a significant other or even getting to know yourself better, working on personal issues never seems to go away. If you enjoy reading about characters struggling with complex relationships, then check out the following chart where we recommend some great mainstream reads releasing this month. 

Do you want to read about siblings reconnecting? Then you will be interested in Abby Road by Ophelia London which features rock star Abigail Kelly. She has money and fame, but Abby's seemingly perfect life implodes when her brother dies. Deciding she needs to focus on family, Abby travels to Florida to stay with her sister, however, it is new love Todd that takes her attention from the spotlight. A second story about two siblings reuniting is Forbidden Sister. Teen Emmie hasn't seen her older sister for a decade, but when her parents die, Roxy becomes her legal guardian. Is the gap between these sisters too great to bridge or will they find common ground in V.C. Andrews' newest tale?

A person's first, and possibly most important, relationship is the one forged with parents. So it is no wonder that this is a common thread in several March mainstream books. The Crooked Branch by Jeanine Cummins tackles the topic of mental illness as the protagonist explores her mother and grandmother's pasts to find out more about herself. Another realistic portrait of the changing roles between parents and children is Susan Kietzman's The Good LifeDue to her father's dementia, Ann Barons' parents move into her guest house and she must care for them. And for a more fantastical tale of family bonding, Rita Leganski has penned The Silence of Bonaventure Arrow which features a mute protagonist who can "hear" the spirit of his dead father.

One of our favorite mainstream reads this month is debut author Suzanne Palmieri's The Witch of Little Italy which has heroine Elly Amore returning home so she can reconnect with herself by recalling early childhood memories. Jenny Shaw, in Allie Larkin's Why Can't I Be You, needs to do some deep soul searching about who she is — especially after she assumes the identity of Jessie Morgan, a woman who Jenny has never met, but she looks like. Kim Boykin's protagonist in The Wisdom of Hair is also on a search for self. Unhappy with her life, Zora Adams leaves home find a career, but no matter how far she runs, until she forgives herself for past mistakes, there is no way she can move forward with her life. 

You can pick up all of these titles, available in stores and online this month. And if you are looking for more emotional reads, visit RT's Everything Mainstream Page