Making Menage Love Work: Jayne Rylon’s “Devon’s Pair” Builds The Series To New Heights

Over the past several years, Jayne Rylon has created an avid fan base of erotica readers with her sexy Powertools stories. In the series starter, “Kate’s Crew”, the author introduced the five men that make up a construction crew that shares more than just work. One by one, these testosterone driven men have been paired off as the love of their lives came on the scene and brought them unimaginable erotic pleasure. Especially enticing is that even as the men find their soul mates, they continue to partake in each other’s sensual delights and share the physical love they all feel for each other. This leads to some absolutely amazing scenes of threesomes, foursomes, fivesomes and more!

However, while the men featured in “Kate’s Crew”, “Morgan’s Surprise” and “Kayla’s Gift” were able to navigate these new relationships with their chosen lady with relative ease, the dynamic in “Devon’s Pair” is very different. This novella features long-term couple Neil and James. Even though they have fun finding sexual fulfillment with others, Neil and James have always shared a special emotional connection. But this bond is tested when Neil meets Devon.

Neil is immediately drawn to the petite, capable female apprentice carpenter who recently joined the Powertools construction crew. Reminiscent of his reaction to James when they first met years ago, Neil knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that he belongs with Devon. The only problem is that Neil wants James to embrace Devon like he has, but James is unsure of his feelings for the woman. 

This novella is one of the first erotica stories that I have read which focuses on the happily ever after more than just the physical act of loving. The story investigates not only the act of multiple people falling for each other and sexy bedroom antics, but also what it means for lovers to live day to day as a threesome. Neil feels good about his decision to bring Devon into his relationship with James. And although James wants what is best for his partner, he honestly doesn’t know if loving a woman will be right for him. Devon, on the other hand, wants both men, but she has such a respect for James and Neil’s relationship that she will not do anything to upset their bond.

There are big issues being dealt with in this story, fortunately for all of the characters, the name of the game is sharing.

James wiggled his brows at Neil. “Now how about you admire hers up close and personal. Kiss her again. Make love to her. I want to watch you let go.”

“Wait!” The five men froze instantly at Devon’s protest. “I won’t steal this from James. I saw how bad he needed you before.”

“There will be plenty of time for that later.” James stroked her cheek. “He’s dying for you. It’s been growing over the past few weeks. Give him what he needs. Please?”

“Thank you.” Neil looked back and forth between her and James. “Thank you for understanding. Thank you for sharing.”

As for the details of what it means for each of the Powertools men to have found their special someone (or someones), the questions addressed in “Devon’s Pair” will be further examined in the next two books in the series. The author has just announced on her website that she will be continuing to follow the Powertools characters in at least two more novellas, “Nailed to the Wall” and “Hammer it Home”. Neither story has an official release date yet, but you can definitely expect more coverage about this series on the RT website!

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