Mark Your Calendars: We're Recapping The 100!

A photos of The 100 TV cast

The cast of The 100


If you're a CW superfan and never miss episodes of Reign, The Originals and Arrow, you already probably know about The 100, which is premiering tonight at 9PM ET on the network. The show is adaptation of Kass Morgan's YA tale The 100, which means we will absolutely be tuning in!

The post-apocalyptic story follows a group of delinquent teens sent from a space station to reinhabit Earth after nuclear war has rendered the planet uninhabitable. The teens must re-colonize Earth and create their own community, independent from the only way of life they've ever known.

The show stars Australian newcomer Eliza Taylor as Clarke Griffin, Henry Ian Cusick (who we will forever love as Lost's Desmond) as Councilman Kane, Paige Turco as Councilwoman Abigail Griffin and Arrow actress Kelly Hu as Callie "Cece" Cartwig.

With such an intriguing premise, this series has a lot of potential and we're hoping it delivers. Check back here tomorrow for our recap of the pilot!

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